This mystery designer has been drawing horrible logos for beer money since 2010.

$5/logo, 10 logos/page, 107 pages, you do the math! What a smart bastard!

Thing is… I think the logos he/she produces are awesome and I was more than happy to pay the $5 to buy this guy/girl a drink. Now I’m trying to think of people I can buy horrible logos for…

From the about page:

Are you looking for a hand drawn logo with the worst possible style and quality at a really affordable price?

You’ve come to the right place. I’ll design you a crappy logo for a mere $5. That’s right, 5 BUCKS! to buy myself a beer at the local watering hole.

Not only does this small fee get you a poor logo with no potential, but this logo will also get featured on the World Famous Horrible Logos website with a link to any website you choose, as well as the Horrible Logos Facebook and Twitter page. You can look at it as a $5 logo, a $5 custom advertisement with a link for you or your company, or just simply helping a brotha out.

Be sure to through his Testimonials Page for a good laugh too:

SAN DIEGO PRINTING “haha we hate this horrible logo!!! good job! hope you got a nice pint”

OMNOM Pictures “This is the most horrible logo i’ve ever seen, keep up the bad work. Cheers!”

Appliances Online “Took one look at the logo and nearly threw up. Terrible design, poor choice of lettering and just a general let down.”

Of-course we had to buy one :) We hate it!