George from Mothers brought an arsenal of Mothers car care products to Zen Garage today. We organised to have 6 cars present, each with various different problems (everything from bad swirl marks to severe oxidisation). George spent the morning helping everyone identify which products do what, and how to get the most out of using Mothers car care products for the various different problems to be corrected.

Dave’s S13 was used to demo Mothers Showtime, claybar and pre-wax cleaner.

Mothers car care products.

This little MX-5 went through the biggest transformation of all the cars in attendance. It’s paint was severely oxidised when it came in (you can see that just the top left corner on the above picture has been worked on), but it rolled out with a nice deep lustre.

For the body we used Mothers Scratch Remover.

MX-5 had it’s alloy lips cleaned up too with Mag & Aluminium + PowerMetal Scratch applied with a PowerCone.

This Stagea’s headlights were crazy hazy from UV damage.

Stagea headlight before and after using Mothers Power ball.

This plastic panel on the Stagea was in bad shape from UV damage.

With a bit of Naturally Black for the rubber seal + Mothers Scratch Remover they came up a treat!

Mondeo had light scratches removed and was treated with Mothers Showtime, Scratch Remover, Sealer and Glaze, FX Syntax and a little Wax Attack too.

Reflection says it all.

Swirl marks were removed from this Ford Falcon with Scratch Remover.

Before and after with Sealer and Glaze. George recommended a pro buff.

Wheel & Tire Cleaner + Tire Shine on John’s E30.

Dirt started making it’s way off.

Hosed off.

George wrapping up the Demo Day. Lots of fun was had this morning, cars looked out like they’d just rolled out of a salon!