Week #2 updates. It’s crazy how fast time is flying! This week we got our bins sorted out, cleaned up a lot of mess and we’ve finally settled on a colour for our steel poles. Battleship grey!

Meet ELMO, he’s from Japan. We scored this awesome old school overhead projector off eBay which we’ll use to project our logo’s onto the walls, then paint them in.

He’s a transformer :)

This 911 poster was donated to us by Andrew Mell. We love it!

Dave dropped in to hang out. Please note, do not stick these Zen Garage stickers on your car, they’re not made to be weatherproof so keep them indoors, k?

Of-course we put Dave to work right away.

Having fallen off a tall ladder as a kid Justin was a little nervous about getting up to paint the top bits but Rob’s gentle shoving did the trick.

Beer’o’clock Friday’s saw John up the ladder, eyes shut, painting whilst drinking at the same time. Nice.

We did the fire door too.