Brisbane JDM meets broke new records last night when well over 700 cars filled up the Queensland Raceway car park on Tuesday 10th of January 2012.

I unfortunately missed the 6:30pm pre-meet in Jinderlee but I heard from others that attended the car park filled up extremely quickly and had later attendees circling to find a park, but when we were making our way towards Queensland Raceway it was evident how big this meet was going to be; there were mass amounts of JDM and Euro styled cars all heading in the same direction as far as the eye could see.

When we arrived at the entry of Queensland Raceway there was a line up of at least 100 cars in front of us to get in. In all my years of attending Queensland Raceway events such as Fast Fours Jamboree and Powercruise I have never seen a line up like this before.

Once you paid the gold coin donation required to cover public liability insurance you were in and ready to park up. I don’t even think organisers anticipated this many cars because when we arrived at 7:15pm the lit up area was already full of cars and we were directed to the other side of the canteen where there wasn’t much lighting.

This JDM meet definitely kicked off the New Year in style and in terms of size would give the NSW and Victoria meets a run for their money. I think this is only a taste of things to come for Brisbane!

Chez Watts Photography: