So, today…

1) Stripped interior
2) Cleaned interior
3) Scraped/shaved/sanded down any surface or tiny bits of rust
4) Industrial cleaned floors
5) Painted Rust Proofing over rear and foot wells
6) Painted new sound-deading in foot wells (no photos, too dark)
7) Took off front 5% tints, now tint-free (kept tints on rear panel doors)
8) Fucked off g’hay mirror


1) Put new carpet in
2) Go clarke rubber and see options weather to put rubber in rear (would probably be pretty functional)
3) Make new doorcards out of polypropylene (fuck that stock cardboard shit)
4) Make new rear panel side cards
5) Pick up wheels, sort them out

Going well!

We’re going to have to re-trim doorcards, get roof lined, possibly get panel sidecards retrimmed too. We’ll make up some custom seat rails for some cool seats we have because the seat rails actually fold forward (pretty rad). Going to have to make a custom dash insert, as the glove-box one supplied has snapped.

Brakes: Sergio’s old man said to him: “you should upgrade brakes”. When ask “why” he replied by telling us a story about how his one didn’t stop in time and he hit someone. We’ll get the drums checked out but realistically, we should be looking at disc brakes at least for the fronts.

Onto the pics!