With the mighty twin-cam powered CRX now breathing well through the INJEN cold air intake, expelling spent exhaust gasses is the next step in promoting power gains. As well all know, an engine is a pump essentially, so the outlet or exhaust needs to be up to scratch if the intake is upgraded.

We teamed up with XFORCE and Kirrawee Mufflers to do a complete, custom exhaust system on the car. This included using XFORCE’s mandrel bends, header, catalytic converters and mufflers. If an off-shelf exhaust is not available for your car, XFORCE can supply products to put together a custom system to suit any vehicle.

Everything that was used was stainless steel, so it’ll last a lifetime, look great and emit a unique tone. XFORCE offer a large variety of mandrel bends at varying degrees, making it easy for fabricators to weld something together to suit your ride. The diameter we chose to suit the CRX was 2.25 inches, utilizing mandrel bends to keep the 2.25 inch consistent the whole way through.

The exhaust was tackled simply. As the whole system from front-to-back was being replaced, the boys from Kirrawee started at either end of the car and worked their way into the middle when constructing the system. This way, they can ensure that the mid pipe or B-pipe lines up with either end of the system and tucks up nicely against the body, aiding ground clearance.

A barrel resonator was installed just after the high-flow catalytic converter to help prevent in cabin vibration and drone that is often heard from cars with loud cannon style mufflers added to a standard system. After all, the car will be daily driven so some form creature comfort is required!

The stainless steel headers are off-shelf XFORCE items that they have created in order to promote scavenging and increase top end grunt. As the product has been tested properly, fitment and clearance against sub frames and other important components is not an issue. Not only are they functional, they also look great in the stainless finish! Once a few heat cycles go through them, they’ll end up a cool burnt purple colour.

Next, the secondary’s from the header were mated to the catalytic converter and the rest of the B pipe. This photo depicts how the off-shelf items fit up well against the under architecture of the car. Once the front lined up well, the rear was checked for clearances and fitment.

Trying to keep things in a factory OE fashion, we opted for a twin tip style exit. However, the tips we chose are larger in ID and staggered in positioning. It gives the car a tough, yet factory-esque look. We’re all for it!

Once everything was in check, the guys at Kirrawee tacked hangers onto the pipework to securely hold the rear muffler in place. A high flow stainless rear muffler was used, and combined with the high flow resonator earlier in the system. This duet ensures maximum performance gain minus the noise levels which is perfect for the cars dual purpose.

And the result? The motor certainly likes to turn more! The car feels a lot more eager to rev through the entire power band and certainly has gained torque as a consequence of this system. Replacing everything including cats ensured there no bottlenecking in the pipework. We will be bringing you sound clips in the next few weeks so you can all hear it for yourselves!

We’d like to thank Peter and the boys at Kirrawee Mufflers for helping us out with the fabrication of the exhaust, and XFORCE for supplying the top-shelf products!