Try not to hate.

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Written by: Sergio Capozzi

Today’s automotive scene is no longer just the people in your suburb, state or country. The internet has made our scene a worldwide community. E-famous cars and people are known worldwide for their cars, modifications and stories. This all sounds so good, we can gain knowledge from anywhere in the world! It’s all at our finger tips, but at what sacrifice?

The term ‘Hater’ has recently been thrown around like a hot potato, but what does it mean? In my opinion a hater is someone who simply can’t be happy for another person, their decisions, success or possessions. They make a point of exposing flaws. Some people mistake haters for simply being ‘jealous’, but that’s hardly the fact. They do not wish to be the person, decision, success or possession but rather the ‘hater’ just simply wants to knock the target down a notch.

In relevance to our scene, it could be about wheel choice, paint scheme, engine packages and in this articles case a car can only be a proud possession if it’s built, not bought. So why is a car that is built and then sold no longer allowed to be the token trophy of one’s possession? It seems stupid already when said like that.

I’m Sergio Capozzi; I currently reside in Sydney Australia. I’m the founder and owner of a new community based company known as “ALL STARS”. All Stars is an events organising brand, we organise car meets and Show ‘n’ Shines. Our company aims to unite diverse car cultures by bringing together the best of all makes, models and styles. In doing so we want to build a new scene, at the core of this scene are true automotive enthusiasts who have a real appreciation of engineering, functionality and pure old/new-school aesthetics and know how.

When setting up this business I purchased a Nissan Silvia (S15). Words can hardly explain this car, or the love I have for it. It was a passion project for the last owner; he owned this car for five years! Three of which the car was ‘in the build’ to become the statement it is today. Nearing the end of this build he lost interest, whether it was family, life, or God himself the owner thought it was time to move on.

I saw the car online and I contacted the owner straight away. I knew the car from the start of its build (thank-you internet), I knew all the workshops that helped put this masterpiece together and to me, it was perfect. My situation with starting a show business, I needed a car like this – so negotiations started, ended and what was his has now become mine.

Now people (haters) accuse me of not deserving the car, that I take credit for its build and demand appreciation for it. Hardly the truth, but on my side – Is the money I paid for it any less valuable than the money that paid for its modifications? At what point does a modified car become so modified that the next owner can’t ‘own’ it and make it their possession? When buying a 2nd hand home, is it ever your home or if you take pleasure in saying its own, should you be criticised that you didn’t build it? Suddenly the definition of a hater becomes relevant.

If people knew me they’d know I’ve built many cars by myself and with my family. If they took the time, they would find photos of cars in our collection with hand-crafted parts we built on a rickety old table with some basic tools. But instead they see photos of an S15; they see me with a smile ear to ear every time I talk about it, the pride in my smile that I own such a beautiful car. What they don’t see is a car with a purpose, a car that advertises what my business is about and well is doing it quiet well.

Sure I didn’t build my car. But I own it, I love it, I drive it and I use it to help for a future better scene…. and it’s not finished yet. Built or Bought; I love my car and it is ‘my’ car. I treasure its current state and I credit the last owner for all his effort, but my hard earned money and that name on its registration gives me the right to be proud of it. As any car enthusiast should be proud of their car.

Haters are going to hate, but for the few that read this and understand – we are building a better brighter automotive culture. As our world gets smaller and the exchange of information and opinions become easier, a scene where all that really matters is the happiness your car brings to you and the knowledge you can share with others.

There are all things we dislike, we aren’t all meant to get along nor are all going to like each other’s choice in make, model, paint, wheels, and engines. That is just human nature, but having respect for others and their passions is what makes us stop being individuals and starting being a real community.

Try not to hate.

Image by RLH Photography

About the Author

Sergio Capozzi
I'm not censored, I'm hardly 'Safe For Work' and realistically, I'm all things Zen Garage. Born in Sydney, 1988 and spent majority of my youth in trouble with my Mother. Cars, Skateboarding and Girls kept me occupied throughout my teens. Whilst, The Royal Australian Navy took ownership of me during my early 20's. I'm Co-Founder/Owner of Zen Garage and Sydney All Stars.



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  1. Justin

    So you say you built some cars in the past..

    Lets put it this way, that “Widebody FD rx7” you guys “built” wasnt even built, but wrecked and it was parted out.

    That S14 timeattack race car… that you guys “built” that was parted out and wrecked.

    The yellow Evo Claudio had, that was BOUGHT, and all you guy did was put on fake xxr wheels

    • Sergio

      Thanks for making my article more relevant.

      The RX7 build was stopped due to the mechanic having cancer.
      The S14 build was stopped due to the people building it made the space frame so small, we couldn’t even fit the bucket seat in.
      The yellow EVO was mine?

      Does not finishing a build make the build any less important? The 100k+ in receipts worth any less because it was never finished, our pockets don’t think so. So buying a complete project with less headaches, suddenly looks like a more appealing option.

      Congratulations for being one a defect in our scene.

    • Dont comment when you dont know the full story behind why they weren’t finished.

  2. Couldn’t have said it any better.

    Congrats on the purchase of a super clean car and here’s to working on building a better car scene in Sydney.


  3. JDMST

    Nice article.

    Author sounds butt hurt to do this much of a write up.

  4. lee

    true true true, hence the reason why i dont post photos of my car,build state or any of the parts that are going into it online, ITS MY CAR, IM BUILDING IT FOR ME, NOT FOR 10,000 INTERNET TROLLS who are going to bag it out before its even finished, pics and info will be released when the car is ready :) great read,great blog, chin up mate keep up the great work 😛

  5. Thomas McCluskey

    Really well said. puts a lot into perspective and really makes you think. Thankyou for your great words.

  6. Word. Well said mate, well said.

  7. Shane

    Well said. Couldn’t agree more.

  8. Potta

    Damn straight serg!!
    I for one am not into any particular scene but much rather enjoy them all rather than frown upon something I don’t understand. That’s why all-stars works so well. Every type of car and owner imaginable all together for one thing, the cars !

  9. True enthusiast

    Calling people ‘Haters’ I believe is detrimental to this scene that you are trying to create… From the start you called people that voiced their opinion of the car for having 20″ wheels and a bunnings lip ‘Haters’ and now you are preaching the ‘Try not to hate’ message? Keep the ‘hater’ labels for the children that actually care what other people think.

    As long as you are happy, Fuck what anyone else thinks of you and your car.

    • Sergio

      I don’t think you really understood the point I was attempting to make (which agrees almost completely with your statement) … but either way, thanks for reading it! :)

  10. Andrew

    There’s more to this culture than just the cars, it’s the people that make it what it is. If you’re too fixed on negatively criticising what you see, you’re not a contributing member of the culture and your opinions aren’t relevant. We are a culture of enthusiasts, were enthusiastic about not only building, but owning, driving, sharing, teaching and learning about the machines we love.

    If you honestly hate what you see or have a problem with how someone came to own their car, what makes you think we care about your opinion? In the end we enjoy our rides whether you like it or not, and your just left with an opinion no one wants to hear. Rather sad when you think about it.

  11. Really?

    You purchased this s15 how it was then put wheels on it and then brought it to meets. This car is what made you in the scene and you didn’t build it.

    Yet you take all the credit at every meet like you were the one that built it? I don’t get how you’re so E-Famous in forums and Automotive Photography Pages when you never even touched the engine bay to start with?

    So why should you get credit for any of it?

    This is probably the reason why you are so butt-hurt you had to make this blog to express how you think it’s unfair that you’re getting hate when it is pretty much crystal clear why you are.

    • Seriously.

      For starters, Sergio has never once taken credit for the build, he even publicly declares he didn’t, so get your facts straight and learn to read.

      Secondly, he got “famous” for ALL STARS and the events he organised, not because of his S15, also he’s popular within the culture for being a large contributor to the scene, organising and promoting other peoples projects and photography, so again, get your facts straight.

      Fact is if you actually knew him the way most of us do, you’d understand just how humble he is when it comes to his car. Of all the events I’ve been too the guy barely even goes near his S15 because he’s busy helping other people at the events.

      Seems that all the people who share a similar opinion to you are the butt-hurt ones, because in the end Sergio owns one of the sweetest S15s on the road and he’s perceived as a top bloke for all the good he’s brought to the scene and all you have is a Peter Pan complex who can’t get over the fact that someone bought a car.

      Could you sound anymore pathetic?

  12. Travis

    VERY well written. I think you hit the nail on the head. You guys should see about adding a like button to articles so they can be liked and show instantly on people’s facebook feed. Thanks for the great article.

  13. Spot on. Sergio’s an awesome guy, and that’s why we’ve brought him on to the team. As of this week, he’s an official share holder of Zen Garage. We believe in him, it’s going to be a massive year next year! :)

  14. Eric

    I love keyboard warriors… Hiding behind their screens like tough men… Grow up Peter Pan!

  15. David

    Keen to see those massive Porsche brakes soon along with everything else you got planned/under wraps!


  16. CassS14

    Well said mate! Time to rep a HATERS GONNA HATE sticker now = P

  17. team midnight

    Sergio and the team @ Zen really put the culture back into cars. I don’t know Sergio personally but I have been in contact with him enough to know him as a person. I can vouch for all the comments about Sergio, such a down to earth guy and let me say it again, not once have I talked to him about his car has he taken any credit for it.

    Please keep up the good work, that’s why my team has your back.

  18. Awesome articeSerg’

    Great business concept you’re starting up.
    Just like to affirm, in the face of ill-informed government regulations..(Aust) Auto enthusiasts of all streams need to unite.

    Sure have an opinion, just realize it’s one amongst millions. It’s not what you say but how you say it…


    Some people work hard to earn and grow their money over time, others work hard to build their car over time.. many do both.. So long as you get the result you were after, didn’t hurt anyone along the way and you love it all.

    That’s all that matters.

    • Ali G

      ‘Owz anyone out there meant to restecp each otha? If you lot in ‘ere, don’t even start restecpa-ing one another.

  19. Jayden

    lol bought not built.

  20. Alex

    All you guys do is whinge and complain about everything. How about you take it to the track, or a drift meet, and actually drive it?

    Stop complaining about it, and if you like your car, and you REALLY don’t care about what people think about your ownership of this car, you don’t need to write this massive post saying “try not to hate” but you are. I’m sure if I turned up to a meet in my s14 with a set of rotas on I can bet you will say “fake wheel shit”. You know it’s true, so don’t deny it.

    That’s my opinion. Stop whinging and just enjoy your car. That’s why we all buy and modify them?

    • Sergio

      Really enjoying all the feedback guys, Good and Bad! Thank-you for taking the time to read my thoughts and share me yours. Exactly the reason why I wrote it in the first place.

      The car is an advertising piece – the moment you take that fact on-board you will understand everything haha. I honestly can’t afford to risk tracking it just yet (with business, mortgage, enjoying life). It needs to keep looking pretty, keep photographers trying to capture that Midnight Purple 3 and keep promoting the ‘All Stars’ community, for at-least 2013.

      2014 – I’d love to paint it a normal colour and start enjoying track/drift days. I’m sure by then it would have lived it’s purpose, for my purchase! Please note though guys, this isn’t a show-pony, its daily driven and… driven quite hard when conditions are right!

      Everything has a plan guys, failure to plan is planning to fail! :)

      • I say put the massive wheels back on Sergio, it’s more a street car to me, than a track car (nothing wrong with that at all). I’m not sure why people who track think that they’re tougher (or more of a man?!) for taking their cars on the circuit than those who don’t? What’s so hard about taking a car to the track?! (apart from the farking boring long drive to get to Wakefield and back haha). I dare say it’s crazier to do twisties than track days.

        • Mal

          You call that a long drive Justin? getting soft in your older days haha

          All Stars business has nothing to do with SMP or Wakefield other than a meeting place so why pretend it’s a track car.

          It’s a smart business move and keen eye to purchase (this specific) S15 obviously, everyone knows the car > circulation of the “brand”. Regardless of the story behind it it is a very nice S15.

          I hate the “fuck the haters” mentality, I hate the reverse notion of “I’m building this for me” also. If you feel you have to state one way or the other I think it does show you care what people think.
          Surely we are big enough and ugly enough to make comment on/query/offer advice without it becoming “hater talk”. In saying that, there is right and wrong ways to go about that, that just comes back to manners.

          The internet perhaps isn’t the easiest place to learn manners, can find you in a little bit of hot water (as I’ve found out) and it’s a different type of maturity.

          At the end of the day, a build thread (in my experience) can offer clarity, feedback, directions, links to parts, helpful tips, solutions to problems you might be having, and there is surely more to be said about that effect than the “hater mentality”

  21. Bumpty

    Anyone checked out willyweather lately!? Surf this weekend yieow!

  22. Bumpty

    Then there will be brews, some more surf as the tide starts to drop back. Finished by more brews.

    …yum yum!

  23. anth


    bought not built

  24. SHU11Y

    Great article Sergio I couldn’t agree more. If someone buys a Ferrari for the purpose of enjoying it and appriciating what it can do should they be looked down at because they didn’t build it. Obviously you appriciate how your car was built, what it is and how it looks so that should be enjoyed and others will enjoy seeing it rarther then having it parked away in a garage somewhere

  25. […] The car is getting a lot of mixed opinions in the scene at the moment, especially since he’s shared his views on the scene […]

  26. I know I’m a little late to the party on this article, but it’s beautifully written. You are more than accurate with “at what point does a modified car become so modified that the next owner can’t ‘own’ it and make it their possession”…

    For me passion is transferrable, you can easily own/possess as much passion as the earlier owner and as long as that passion is passed up (and the vehicle isn’t passed to someone with less love than you…) then the ownership transfers.

    Your attitude and passion determines ownership, not financial obligations.

    Love your blog, love your community, love your attitude.
    Richard – Timeless

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