I take a time out with good guy Carey Ciuro (A.K.A Shiri) who’s got an amazing eye for Photography. We talk about his falling out of the car scene, his new focus on photography and his curious love for Japan. Be sure to visit Carey’s sites in the links below for much more of his amazing work.

We met through JDMST years ago right? I get the feeling that if you lived in Sydney we’d have hung out a lot more, but alas you’re from Melbourne! I know that you’re not so into cars at the moment (did you end up selling you DC2R?), why have you fallen out of the car scene?
*laughs* Don’t say that! I might just move back to Sydney so I can spend some time with you at Zen. *laughs* I did sell the DC2R before I went backpacking last year and I guess that closed the door on cars for me, at least for now. The scene has changed so much in the last 5 years that you feel left behind when you’re out of it for a while. That’s kinda happened and I’ve found it more enjoyable now to have a tighter group of friends who initally were brought together through the car scene but have other similar shared interests like Art, Design or Photography.

Over the past few years I’ve noticed that you’ve really fallen in love with cameras and photography. What cameras do you currently own, what are you shooting with most of the time and what’s gotten you so into the art of photography?
Oh man it’s so hard to settle on just taking one camera out for the day. I own 11 but I’m constantly updating and filling gaps. I just picked up an old Olympus all-weather rangefinder to take to the beach! The truth is I take most photos with my D7000, only because digital photography is so disposable. Fill that memory card then evaluate the best photos once you get them into Lightroom right? But I take most pleasure from my 35mm SLR’s and rangefinders. It’s so cliche but film has so much more soul and you can just feel it when you get to develop them. I guess that’s kinda why I got into it too. Capturing a moment in time is so beautiful a concept don’t you think?

Spot on. ‘In the moment’ style photography. Did you study photography or are you self taught?
I’m self taught in the fact that I’ve never taken a class, but I’ve spent countless hours into the early hours trawling YouTube to watch photographers do their thing. Anyone, who isn’t gifted by some high power, has to study in a way; but the idea of sitting in a class and having someone score art is just so much of a wank. I remember reading a brief for an admission class for a Photography class at some University and it read like ‘Take a photo of a utensil in a way that commentates on the social and ecomic issues within society.’ Why?! Why would anyone want to do that? Learn the skills and your natural eye first and the talent will come naturally.

Your photography has a real personal feel to it. How would you describe your style?
*laughs* Aesthetically aware in-the-moment snapshots? *laughs* I honestly don’t know I’m still trying to figure that out. It’s one of the hardest things as a hobbist photograher to define yourself because you just wanna do everything and push yourself. One rule I do try to stick too though is that I try to make it feel like the camera was never there; as if the audience is in that moment with you when you took it.

You obviously love Japan, the culture, the people, what’s the connection and attraction there?
That’s a really tough question. I’ve just moved to Japan for 12 months to try and understand it myself. People bought me Japanese shit for birthdays or Christmas because they think I’ll like it and I don’t even really want it. The attraction isn’t anything materialistic or even aesthetic. I guess that of all the countries I’d want to take aspects from and live my life, Japan has the most of them. Ask me again in 12 months! *laughs*

I couldn’t help but notice that you love your swag too. What brands are you into wearing at the moment?
*laughs* Really?! Thanks! I recently took something out of an interview I read with Yohji Yamamoto (Y-3) who said that young people don’t need to buy into fast fashion to look sexy. He thinks we are sexy enough with a simple t-shirt and jeans. You buy less and less into trends the more aware you are of this. So I guess I just look for clothes I can wear for a long amount of time. Anything from A.P.C., Momotaro, WTAPS and Undercover.

What other things are you passionate about, outside of photography?
Music. But I can’t play anything so that’s shit. Nothing makes you feel like good music makes you feel.

Does photography support your living? Or do you juggle other jobs as well?
Only recently have I even felt comfortable asking people to pay me for what I do. Like you said earlier, my photography is very personal still and it’s a challange to shift away to become more marketable. How do you charge someone for something you’re just greatful to be doing? I’m hoping something amazing happens while I’m living here in Japan with it. Let’s see hey?

I’m sure many great opportunities will head your way Carey. How can people contact/find you? 
http://www.careyciuro.com and on that I have a blog that talks about spaces and gear that I like at http://blog.careyciuro.com. Otherwise I have a tumblr that I use as a dumping ground for all my photos at http://onepointeight.tumblr.com