Through Zen Garage we’ve met quite a few really cool tight knit car crews. When I think about car crews of the past I remember aggression, competition and general bad vibe… hell I’ve even had death stares aimed my way whilst trying to appreciate a member’s ride! Not so with the car crews we’ve grown to love in the past year, one of them being local Sydney car crew Filthy Ones who we’ve just interviewed for ALL STARS.

Photos by young snapper Jason De of Fitment Freaks.

Tell us a bit about Filthy Ones.

Filthy Ones has become a car crew made up of good friends who, over the years, have become some-what family. 

We all have busy schedules, but always manage to find the time to catch up as a group whether it be a BBQ, car wash or just working on a members car. 

Not only do we like to bring our cars out to events for people to see, 
but we get great event coverage captured by a couple of our crew members to show our appreciation for all types of cars in the scene.

When did Filthy Ones start?

As previously mentioned, the crew is basically family. However, co-founder Brent had a thought to give us a name… and so, the Filthy Ones was born. We made it official mid last year and decided to make a debut at the All Stars Spring Picnic. There were 10 of us when we first started and whilst we don’t have the original 10 anymore, we’re proud of how far we’ve come and of the new members that we’ve gained.

How many people are in the crew currently? Is there structure to the group?

There are currently 13 of us in the crew. We don’t base it on a structure, we’re all equal and we all get a say.

What’s the most fun you’ve had as a crew?

One of the crews biggest milestones was being offered the opportunity to be featured on the All Stars website. It was definitely an exciting and fun experience as a whole crew to shoot with the Fitment Freak brothers, Jason and Jake.

Awesome guys! So w
hat inspires the Filthy Ones?

We find inspiration everywhere. Be it from fellow members and/or local car enthusiasts, and we especially are inspired from the diverse range of cars that we see across Sydney and other countries.

What does Filthy Ones have that other crews don’t?

It’s not that other crews don’t “have” this, but we do take pride in the fact that we are basically just a close group of friends with the same interests. We don’t do it to compete with other crews, we genuinely appreciate the car scene and contribute to it as best we can. 

Alongside all of this, we have a very special member in the crew who supplies and distributes parts to our crew and the community – Marcus (JDMaccessories).

We carry our own very reputable spray painter within the crew, Claudio. He shows excellence in all his work and is a perfectionist. 

We also have 3 unique ladies in the group, who show interest in cars and enjoy being involved in the scene.

What plans do Filthy Ones have this year?

We’re hoping for growth. Not necessarily in numbers, but with our current members and unfinished projects within the crew. It would be great to have more people recognising what we do and who we are!

What does Filthy Ones think of All Stars?

We think of ALLSTARS as bringing the car community closer. To try and include everyone, every crew and every car in getting noticed! The meets, events and features you guys have created gives the car community and even non-car enthusiasts something to look forward to! We’ve become a great fan of ALLSTARS and It is great to see that you guys have appreciation for the range of cars Sydney and the rest of Australia have to offer! Thanks again ALLSTARS for giving us the opportunity to be apart of this!