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Written by: Zen Garage

Rising Sun Workshop. Your Bike. Your Workshop. Your Way.

Rising Sun Workshop is going to be Sydney’s first communal workshop space for motorcycle enthusiasts. It’s a place that provides the space, tools and knowledge to do what ever you can think of to your machine. Whether it is just to change the oil, filter and plugs, or to build your dream custom from a rusted barn find, Rising Sun Workshop will provide

your home away from home.

We’ll be hosting the Rising Sun Workshop RAISE THE SUN fundraising event on Saturday, June 1, 2013. Help Rising Sun Workshop and be a part of something great, go to and pledge today.

Rising Sun Workshop from Kate Disher-Quill on Vimeo.

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  1. El Dicque

    you guys getting any negative feedback re the Rising Sun name? I had no idea it had any negative connotations, until I saw some of the comments about the new Christian Hosoi model Penny skateboard, which I love, but apparently for some people that cool rising sun graphic represents imperial Japan, war crimes etc. Like I say, first I’ve heard of it

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