We LOVE Melbourne, so before we break a few hearts… realise no matter the bad, the good overweighs the rest! But in standard Melbourne form, it’s 7am on Show Day and we wake up to a beautiful Blue Sky. Loving it!

We gave the cars a quick wipe down and polish, go inside to get ready, walk out 30 minutes later and that beautiful sky was replaced with grey rain clouds and a freezing wind. Oh, and the skies had already opened up once to drench our cars… standard.

We jump in the cars and head over to Docklands to “bump in” via Beach Road and The Esplanade through Melbourne’s picturesque coastline suburbs of Brighton and St. Kilda. Note: this road is one of the nicest, smoothest and scenic roads right outside the CBD. There wasn’t a day that we didn’t take the ‘long’ way home and follow the water line!

We get to Docklands apparently a bit late as 90% of the cars had already been parked (oops!). The rest of the day was a blur of laughs, new faces, amazing automotive pornography and the ‘perfect winter’s day’ during summer!

100MM Certified is more than just a Car Show, it’s a getaway for like-minded car guys from Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and wherever else the road joins up to. It’s a convoy, it’s a hang out, it’s a weekend enjoying cruising Melbourne’s smooth roads and delving deep into Melbourne culture… mainly food.

Enjoy the show from Sebastian’s (SlowNserious Photography) point of view: