And that’s a wrap..

Was a day with mixed emotions to say the least. It was very unfortunate that the Heasmans Silvia suffered a bonnet malfunction and was forced to retire early in the day.

Never the less, everyone was there and the show must go on, so Brad took the company car, a VF Clubsport out on track and had a ball with the guys from Sydney Prestige Autobody and ASTRA Limousines.

Consider this video a brief re-cap of a ‘fun’ day out on track with friends. Part Two of this story will commence at the Super Sprint round at Eastern Creek, where the Heasman S14 will be piloted by Brad himself, and be sure that we will be there to capture it all.. Stay tuned for that!

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Produced by | selectnine |
Camera : Faith Demir, Daniel Beleski
Editor : Faith Demir
Music by: Chaotix — State of Elevation