At Zen, we spend a lot of time surfing Carsales. Personally it’s sitting 2nd after Facebook for me! It’s unusual, but I somehow gain deep personal satisfaction in knowing what cars are for sale out there, for how much and for what I could use them for.

Given the amount of time I spend on Carsales each day I figure why not, let’s do this! Every week I’m personally going to start searching through the thousands of cars for sale on Carsales and nitpick the best into Top 10 lists.

This week; Top 10 Race Cars! (please note that I tried to stick away from the norm!) The countdown starts now:

10) 1997 Ford Falcon “AUSCAR”

What is there really to say, Straya! Yeah ok it’s basic, yeah ok it’s probably not the “best” or most competitive track car by todays standards, but driving this would be like being in a old Southern American movie where the sound of the 8 and the lack of steerability (is that even a word?) isn’t even an issue. One beautiful piece of Australian Motor Racing History.

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9) 1971 Morris Mini

This is clean. OK the power will be “lacking” but ask anyone that has ever driven a track prepped “era correct” Mini, all they’ll talk about is how much fun they had, the smile they couldn’t rub off their faces and that go kart sensation.

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8) 1971 Alfa Romeo 1750

This is all class. Not only would this car look perfectly at home on the track or motorkhana, it would be an absolutely pleasurable Sunday driver. Imagine rocking up to your favourite café in this beast.

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7) 1993 Nissan 180sx

I’ve been watching this car for a while now, he was after $30k and now he’s only after $15k. When you measure up its capabilities with its parts list, this car is worth every cent. It would dominate a track day, and be a capable drift car (even at competition level!).

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6) 1969 Chevrolet Camaro

It might not be a “track car” but what it’s built for it and would do well (and it would do it with style!). It’s also something you could drive from A to B and skid at C. For drag lovers.

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5) 1993 Porsche 968 CS

This car is well prepared, tested and she’s ready to go. Any guy or gal who has experienced one of these before will tell you, “Lap times talk”. This car is very quick, very poised and I’m sure its lap time will talk.

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4) 1993 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR

I only need to mention two words here, Godzilla and Bathurst. This car is (one of) the Kings of the Mountain.

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3) 1999 Nissan R34 GTR

I’m obsessed with this car. If I had 60k I’d own it already. Just add rollcage, done.

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2) 1967 Porsche 911

It’s a 911. It’s 3 wheeling in the photo, is there really anything else to say?!

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1) 2007 Ferrari F430 CUP

No caption needed, this is it.

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