So glad I got to catch up with my buddy Luke from Maiham Media on my last day in Tokyo. The guy’s a busy motherfather, so I’m so happy that he took the time out to meet me close to my hotel.

We had a great catch up over some beers and a burger at J.S. Burgers Cafe.

Sadness, it’s home time. Sunset on the train into Narita Airport.

Goodbye Dave! One man down as Dave’s adventures continue as he makes his way to visit his Grandma in Ireland!

The plane back home was a completely different experience to the maximum capacity plane we caught to Tokyo (where I had to sit next to a sick man, and the flight was delayed on the runway). The plane was empty. I took a whole row and slept the entire flight. IE: I teleported from Tokyo to Queensland!

Landing in Queensland, the boys did some duty free shopping.

So close but so far. We knew the trip home was going too smooth. In QLD Jetstar fucked up (as expected) and there was a 40 minute delay on our flight back home to Sydney. At this stage we lost another man as Chris left us to hang out with his family for a few nights.

Finally! Landing in Sydney. Beautiful weather!

As soon as our bags came out we said our goodbyes and I jumped straight into a cab. I took the scenic route home. Ahhhh, the water. So so beautiful.

Mia was so happy to see me. Lots of head douching, licking too! I had to tell her to calm down and I amused myself by telling her in Japanese: “Chotto matte!”, which can loosely translate to “Easy Tiger!”.

I unpacked my suitcase, here’s a shot of all the goodies I got. I especially love the 2nd hand helmet with bubble visor I picked up from Up Garage, and the Mooneyes rug too!

I jumped in the shower, then as soon as I hopped out I got a call from my good friend Sarah who lives in London. She needed to hear all about Jiro! She wanted me to run her through the entire experience from start to end and doing so had me reliving the meal all over again! It’s been so bizarre writing this last post. From hanging out with Luke for brunch, through to flying back home and then having a long conversation over the phone to a friend in London. I’ve just opened up my email application. 1368 unread emails… then there’s the Zen pack and send to do as no products that have been purchased on our online store have been sent out since I’ve been gone! But hey, not complaining! Here’s cheers to an epic trip! I hope you’ve enjoyed the daily updates!