If you’re talking about naturally occurring plants and animals, water is an essential part of life. If you’re talking about beasts forged from the hands of man, however, water proves a difficult liquid to manage. Water expands when frozen and turns into steam at a measly 100 degrees celsius – hardly a temperature range that will suit high temperature applications and low temperature climates. Would you trust this liquid to run through the veins of your engine? Many do.

Most will be familiar with the typically fluorescent green liquid in our cars – the all important coolant. Whether it be pre-mixed or concentrated, there is always the element of water involved to help run through the cooling jackets of our engines to minimise the heat produced by the internal combustion. Although it has been a critical additive to the engine for years, water causes oxidisation and ultimately corrosion to the lining of these jackets.

Evans Coolants have brought out a waterless coolant which has a boiling temperature of 190 degrees Celsius and will not freeze even at minus 40 degrees Celsius. No more steaming radiators or frozen engine blocks! Getting rid of the weak component of water has proven successful in their High Performance Waterless Engine Coolant. It’s not just unmixed coolant either, Evans is the ONLY non water-based coolant.

What’s even better than how the Waterless Coolant works in your engine is with how long it lasts – for life! Evans states their coolant will last for the life of the engine as long as it’s not contaminated by water. Can’t argue with that!

We’re sold. Enjoy the following images of some tough cars running on Evans coolants. For more about Waterless Coolant as well as technical information for those inclined, check out the Evans website and find out where to get yourself some of this good stuff!

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