I missed the last sunset cruise which sweet Cordiya Boonpetch (she’s so little, and cute!) organised last year. I wasn’t about to miss her second cruise though.

Cordy lives in the Northern Beaches, and has a pretty tight crew of down to earth peeps, all who are car crazy. The cruise was postponed due to bad weather last week, but last night the meet and cruise went ahead.

Just a week ago I was hanging out in Gothenburg, Sweden with Alexi of Nori Yaro Japan, he messaged me to let me know he was in Sydney visiting family! Naturally I dragged him out for the cruise. I’m pretty sure he had a lot of fun seeing some Aussie muscle on the night (a break from the stuff he usually see’s in Tokyo I’m sure!).

The cruise started out as a meet at Long Reef boat ramp. So pretty, the Northern Beaches always remind me of Byron Bay. Cops came due to a report, but I was quick to have a word with them (after dealing with the Police at meets every single month at EOMM’s over the years I’ve developed a kind of calm tact needed to make cops feel at ease). They were cool, and left soon after.

As the sun went down we hit the road for an enjoyable cruise to Palm Beach, where we parked up in a VERY dark car park (excuse the high ISO!). I didn’t rattle off too many shots, too busy chillin’ and enjoying the Northern Beaches vibes! But I’m sure many more amazing images will pop up over the next few days, video footage too, so be sure to follow our Facebook page for links to more content.

Pretty as a picture.

Loved this ute, so awesome.


Joel’s beast.

Eye in the sky!

Chill crew was chil

At Palm Beach.

My MKVR32 and Alexi waxing lyrical.

Bikes too.


Cordy's Car Meet from Darian Woods on Vimeo.