The new Need for Speed trailer reveals all of the shit I’ve not been able to talk about since signing a hardcore non-disclosure agreement with EA Games during my trip to Sweden earlier this year (when I was flown over to consult on the game).

“Become the ultimate icon”. You can tell who the icons are by checking out the silhouettes, and it gives a lot away in terms of the game’s ‘story mode’. All the parts you can modify your car with are REAL. IE: No made up wings or wheels etc (being able to mismatch wheels too! AW YEAH!).

Definitely going to be the best arcade style driving game of our time. All those into real driving sims, and paying out NFS for not being like a sim just don’t get the point!!! Nothing wrong with arcade style games!!!!

Fingers crossed, Zen Garage stickers might even be available in the game, no bull!!!