Having missed last month’s event, I was back at the Truganina Cars & Coffee event this September. It still remains one of the most consistently diverse and family-friendly events around town, and such is simply the reason I keep can’t help but come back month after month.

Cars & Coffee is held on the first Saturday of every month, at the Foresite Driver Training facility in Truganina, about 20 minutes outside of the Melbourne CBD. Enjoy the photos below, and check out their Facebook to keep up to date on their monthly meets.


This Lancer was one of the first cars that caught my eye. We covered a small growing Itasha scene here on Zen, and I’m all for seeing more and more cars bearing such cool designs.

img_6921_21186368270_o img_6913_21363691172_o img_6919_21382803031_o

Everytime I see this A5, it is a different colour. From a matte blue, to brown to- now- white.


I’ve seen this ZN6 at a few meets around town, and I’m fascinated by its mismatched fender that looks to be from HKS’ D1GP 86. I have so many questions for the owner. What’s the story? Is it real? Where did you find it? The notion of a retired race car pice on a street car seems so cool to me. Add’s a bit of history to the car’s story.

img_6927_21186353230_o img_6932_21186587948_o


img_6938_20753352393_o img_7160_21362922172_o img_7159_21347475156_o img_7151_21382053811_o img_7148_21382063291_o img_7146_20752676513_o img_7137_21347528666_o img_7129_20751101364_o img_7127_21185697080_o img_7124_21185710470_o img_7119_21382150601_o img_7116_20751157414_o img_7114_21185750610_o img_7111_21186012878_o img_7108_21382213281_o img_7101_21185832590_o img_7098_20752875173_o img_7096_20751304594_o img_7090_21186150238_o img_7088_21185923750_o img_7085_21363256262_o img_7083_20752991123_o img_7080_21363311992_o img_7076_21186015550_o img_7072_21382452101_o img_7068_21186276368_o img_7067_21186286078_o img_7061_21187261969_o img_7058_21187275959_o img_7053_21186321048_o img_7049_21187293489_o img_7048_21374213665_o img_7047_20753123113_o img_7044_21347973236_o img_7040_21363433452_o img_7037_20751549234_o img_7035_21363447732_o img_7033_21348005066_o img_7032_21382579551_o img_7029_21363470512_o img_7025_21382592521_o img_7023_21374288535_o img_7020_21186421478_o img_7015_21374305445_o img_7009_21374311595_o img_7002_21363512772_o img_6999_21382638591_o img_6996_21363531142_o img_6993_21374344045_o img_6983_21186234360_o img_6982_21374356815_o img_6977_21382677181_o img_6974_21363568082_o img_6973_21186508138_o img_6968_21374391945_o img_6965_20753301983_o img_6959_21348154106_o img_6953_21374423105_o img_6941_21363630432_o img_6940_21382758561_o



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Photos and words by Alex Affat, Happiness by the Kilowatts