Motorclassica returned to its home at the Royal Exhibition Building again this year for its sixth annual event. Motorclassica is Australia’s ultimate vintage, rare and classic motor show, and will be one of the only occasions you can see some of the country’s rarest vehicles.

This was my second time at Motorclassica, and the machinery present was even more spectacular than last year!  With various milestones being celebrated at the show, including; 50 years of the Supercar, 50 years of the Shelby Mustang, 50 years of the Australian Bugatti Club, as well 70 years of MV Augusta- the organisers pulled out all of the stops in getting the finest automobiles available for the public to admire up close (close enough for a three year old to drop an empty water bottle on an F40, yes I did see that happen).


After buying my ticket and entering the gates, I was greeted by an expansive outdoor display of various club and manufacturer displays. There was a splash of everything, from rally-spec Datsun 1200’s, to the MG club, to a collection of Jensen Interceptors.

img_8481_22490142335_o img_8479_22302461158_o

Also taking up plenty of floor space was Lorbek- a luxury car dealer here in Melbourne- with a fleet of modern supercars, as well as a lineup of Porsches of almost all eras and models spanning almost the entirety of one of the REB’s wings.

img_8366_22302780858_o img_8393_22464375246_o img_8476_22490172445_o img_8510_22476637242_o

img_8417_22302603938_o img_8447_22490219305_o   img_8529_22302047040_o img_8577_22301901550_o img_8585_22301868250_oimg_8524_21868815983_o img_8532_22476584142_o

Amongst all of the Porsches, there was one that absolutely demanded my attention from the rest.


It was this 1957 Porsche 356 at the very end of the row.

img_8538_21867250144_o img_8543_22302009860_o img_8556_21868729433_o

The detail on the car was jaw-dropping, from the louvred side windows to the little moulded silver badge/plaque just in front of the rear wheels- it was a restoration and a rebuild of the highest quality, but completely unique in execution.


img_8597_22302947049_o img_8612_22302052808_o img_8614_22489721785_o img_8621_22301994878_o

Moving inside, the layout was such that show-goers were immediately directed upstairs where there were a few food and drink outlets, various bike displays and even

a movie space (unfortunately I couldn’t stay until Fast and the Furious at 5:15pm…). Looking down from the second floor was a sight to behold. Everywhere I looked, there were cars I’d never seen before in my life, and cars I’d honestly never thought I’d see with my own eyes. I snapped one or two shots, and went down into the action immediately!

img_8641_22489639625_o img_8642_22500651631_o img_8647_22301897258_o img_8659_22500602311_o

Car shows are a unique photographing setting; having to dodge other patrons and trying to frame a car well, whilst making sure not to accidentally walk backwards into some priceless machine decades older than you, all I can hope is that you readers like detail shots.

img_8681_22301578970_o img_8682_22301809658_o img_8688_22463452906_o img_8697_22302609189_oimg_8711_22302583309_o

The first section I went to was designated to contemporary supercars. It hosted Australia’s only Mclaren F1, a BMW M1, a Jaguar XJ220 and an XJR15, Australia’s only Pagani Zonda (which I had previously thought resided in Sydney), and a Gulf liveried Ford GT- all historically vital cars I had never before seen in the metal.

img_8712_22302565519_o img_8717_22489376805_o img_8726_22301657758_o img_8730_22463328486_o img_8731_22302490259_o img_8734_22302479249_o img_8741_22475892392_o

Another roped off section housed the legends of yesteryear; a Ferrari F40 and a 288 GTO, a Lamborghini Miura and a Countach LP400, as well as a genuine Porsche 959 and it’s descendant (and again, I believe to be Australia’s only example of) a Carrera GT.

img_8758_21868071423_o img_8760_22301290920_o img_8762_22301279410_o img_8768_22463218906_o img_8773_22302387219_o img_8780_22489204725_o img_8789_21866464444_o  img_8800_22463156256_o img_8811_22500182701_oimg_8816_22475725812_o   img_8834_22489078575_o img_8849_22302209649_o img_8857_22475602932_o img_8863_22488965965_o img_8866_22462913626_o

Ashamedly I had to rush off to work after only a few hours at the show, feeling like I had missed out on a lot of spectacular cars.


However the last thing I saw was probably the absolute standout of the show for me, and was definitely something I never thought I would see with my own eyes.


Making its first appearance in the southern hemisphere, BMW had brought down the incredible 3.0 CSL Hommage R, alongside an original E9 3.0 CSL.

img_8899_22300699590_o  img_8886_22488706395_o img_8892_22462683986_o

I could have spent hours more exploring the cars at MotorClassica. It’s a truly unique event, allowing you to get right up up close to some of the rarest cars you’ll ever see. I would definitely suggest penciling in a visit to Motorclassica next year!

-Alex, Happiness by the Kilowatts


More photos below


img_8349_22303681329_o img_8371_22477038052_o img_8384_22303589839_o img_8390_22476997472_o img_8406_22302383750_o img_8401_22490358135_o img_8412_22302367240_o img_8414_21869111063_o img_8423_21869085563_o img_8430_21869070823_o img_8434_22302558608_o img_8438_21869038393_o img_8471_21867475154_o img_8473_22302495528_o img_8486_22302172230_o img_8489_22490106785_o img_8494_22501123291_o img_8498_21868880513_o img_8509_22490053645_o img_8513_21867300514_o img_8560_22301951920_o img_8579_22303010189_o img_8582_21868634043_o img_8588_21868602233_o img_8633_22301700690_o img_8682_22301809658_o img_8686_21866759804_o img_8688_22463452906_o img_8697_22302609189_o img_8826_22500150541_o img_8830_21866374954_o img_8834_22489078575_o img_8849_22302209649_o img_8857_22475602932_o img_8863_22488965965_o img_8866_22462913626_o img_8871_22488898345_o img_8874_21866103384_o img_8885_22300768970_o img_8896_22499711631_o