Star and I were getting blazed the other day (what’s new?!) and we thought we’d have a crack at making a song. I did a quick Google search for a DAW (digital audio workstation) and found Soundtrap an online DAW which allows you to invite people to collaborate on your track. I figure Star and I could jam on it even when we’re not in the same room so we gave it a go and within hours we had a pretty solid base.

All those years of being in a rock band, playing in pubs for $30 a night has paid off, especially my ability to write a song, and structure one. Making music electronically is SO easy. You don’t have to be in time, you don’t even have to be in tune!

So a few days later song #1 is done! OK, well it’s not perfect (far from it!) since it’s electronic, you can always go in there and make it better and better, and the temptation to wait until it’s perfect before release is tempting, but I’m a finisher and I’ve already started song #2 (which is shaping up to be so much better than song #1!!!). So I’ve mixed it down, and I’m moving on. Hope you like!