The large scale show scene has been something of a foreign area to me since Autosalon’s final show in 2011, and the Melbourne Motor Show getting the axe all those years ago- MotorEx has been one event that has seemingly survived the dying convention and show scene of the previous decade, yet only this year did I make it to my first one.


I don’t know if it was because I just hadn’t been to a car show of this calibre in years, but MotorEx seemed vastly larger than anything I’d been to before. Covering multiple buildings across the Melbourne Show Grounds, and plenty of cars displayed outside in between, it was impossible for one to get a good look at everything.

img_8551_28567457186_o img_8556_28567446116_o

Until now, my only real exposure to anything from MotorEx were the ads and cars I used to read about in Street Machine magazines back in high school (even then, it was only because our library had them, and I’d often just skip to the jokes section). I was more than expecting my fair share of Australian and American muscle cars, and received as such in spades, but I was actually surprised to see a lot more late-model cars than I had expected.

img_8558_28599966285_o img_8564_28315653180_o img_8570_28599943205_o img_8579_28567406906_o img_8590_28567402346_o

V-Spec Performance’s booth had a bunch of Japanese eye candy, from their own demo cars as well as some of their customer cars.

img_8592_28521470501_o img_8596_28493088912_o img_8597_28521464551_o

And Harrop’s booth did nothing to take away my desire for their FA20 supercharger systems… If only I had the money for such a high quality product.

img_8614_28599900435_o img_8617_28521444841_o img_8618_28493060932_o

Mode Auto Concepts was also another late-model car builder down from Sydney, with their pair of eye (and ear) catching demo cars.

img_8623_28521435331_o img_8635_27982727194_o img_8634_28315585170_o

^…and then there was this big booth selling lots of fake wheels…

img_8639_28315577470_o img_8654_28521391911_o img_8660_28599842745_o img_8666_28521376771_o Like all car shows the world over right now, the bolt-on infection has more than caught on. There were a gaggle of Liberty Walk kitted cars I did not expect on seeing at all. Sunus Motorsport’s E92 M3 (You may have seen it at last year’s 100mm Festival, then painted white), an R35 hailing from Sydney, and even a LW Mini that I didn’t know existed!


Moving into the Superstars pavilion, the notorious ‘XBOSS’ was displayed front and centre. With a constant crowd around it, it was impossible to get a full car shot.

img_8742_28315427980_o img_8740_28521236161_o img_8737_28521251641_o img_8745_28315420410_o

Another car of note was the ‘OVAKIL’ Magna, a poignant and nostalgic blast from the past for me, and I’m sure many others from out Autosalon days. I didn’t even know this car still existed!

img_8788_27983672393_o img_8779_28521113841_o

This car should make you look twice, catch it at the wrong angle and you’d be hard pressed to guess which is the front of the car or the rear. The crowd loved this car, and rightly so as it’s definitely unique, and just an all round bit of fun. Admittedly I don’t know what car is grafted on to either end, but I did recognise the doors and roofline to be an R33 Skyline interestingly enough!

img_8818_28492660752_o img_8809_28521039301_o img_8811_28566969316_o img_8807_28566979216_o img_8808_28492702542_o

Speaking of unique; moving into the street car pavilion, amid the XY Falcons, and other much heralded Australian muscle cars…. there sat Oxer’s Honda Civic. I imagine years ago, late model Japanese cars played a much smaller presence within MotorEx, and I imagine an EG Civic inside one of the main halls would have been absolutely unfathomable. But Oxer’s craftmanship more than holds its own against the oldies. I probably stood there for almost ten minutes just listening and watching the reactions from a lot of the old school guys. I’m telling you, they loved it! :P


4:20 blezzit

img_8858_28492614652_o img_8844_28520971251_o img_8845_28566895256_o img_8852_28492629372_o RWB Australia and Phatt Audio Concept’s two flagship cars also provided the crowd with plenty more widebody goodness.

These have just been a few builds and booths that captured my attention at MotorEx this year, the show was far too big to talk about every car, but if you’d like to see more, keep scrolling to see the rest of the gallery!

img_8602_28315622830_o img_8603_28315618130_o img_8606_28493077192_o img_8608_27982775584_o img_8658_28521385961_o img_8669_27983924623_o img_8673_28599824145_o img_8679_27982672614_o img_8682_28493008312_o img_8686_28315547890_o img_8688_27982654004_o img_8690_28492994362_o img_8694_27982642934_o img_8701_27982636664_o img_8703_28599785755_o img_8705_28599780555_o img_8709_27983846383_o img_8714_28567242476_o img_8722_27983819453_o img_8731_28599740375_o img_8732_28521284351_o img_8734_28521271661_o img_8746_28492846232_o img_8748_27983739853_o img_8749_28315402190_o img_8751_28315395200_o img_8754_28521193891_o img_8756_28599664695_o img_8757_28521183421_o img_8759_28567123206_o img_8760_28567118326_o img_8764_28315365660_o img_8766_27983708923_o img_8768_27982483014_o img_8771_27982477904_o img_8773_27983697853_o img_8776_28492781862_o img_8777_28521119631_o img_8792_27983648843_o img_8794_27982409184_o img_8795_28315303300_o img_8798_28521073671_o img_8803_27982382304_o img_8805_28599528025_o img_8812_28566959726_o img_8823_28520998241_o img_8825_27982299794_o img_8831_28492645722_o img_8835_28315199930_o img_8862_28599444495_o img_8865_27982261784_o