Having never shot drifting before, WTAC was the perfect place to begin!

Scheduled at the end of the day, while the sunset over the hills, and well into nightfall, these may well be some of my favourite photos I’ve ever taken!

Far more dynamic than traditional motorsport photography, it’s a far different beast, now having giant plumes of smoke as an additional compositional element. Here’s a select set of some of my favourites!

-Alex, Happiness by the Kilowatts

img_1164 img_1312 img_1376

img_1503 img_1507

img_1567 img_1275 img_1166 img_1197

img_1347-2 img_1361

img_1479 img_1564 img_1669 img_1698 img_1518 img_1550 img_1602 img_1676