The Show & Shine is a staple of WTAC every year, and is probably the highest calibre show within the Australian late-model car scene!

With cars from all over the country making the trip to take part, it’s promised you’ll see plenty of the best cars in Australia!

img_1726 img_1809 img_1813 img_1824 img_1828


img_1846 img_2033

Chern from RWB Australia was one of the many interstate entrants, bringing Southern Cross, Australia’s first Porsche to receive Nakai-San’s magic touch.

img_1851img_1867 img_1857

img_1875 img_1876 img_1878 img_1892

This red Rocket Bunny 86 wore the first Pandem V3 body kit in the southern hemisphere, and took out the Interstate award.

img_1914 img_2067img_2006img_2074

On that note, a whole gaggle of Rocket Bunny 86’s made the trip up from Melbourne. For understandable reasons, they are probably few of the most prominent cars in the Melbourne car scene. Those of you that know me, probably know my thoughts on the Melbourne meet scene, however this is not the place for my opinion, we’re here for the cars. Regardless of your opinion on Rocket Bunny ZN6’s, all I’ll say is it’s understandable these cars get so much attention, they’re definitely attention grabbing!

img_1885 img_1886 img_1889 img_1890


Chook’s Z33 was also quite a looker! Seen here under a subtle new guise, I hadn’t seen it since 100mm last year, where it was one of my favourite cars.


Furthermore, I hadn’t seen Zomaya’s Evo since the first 100mm in Melbourne years ago!


Even Made Mike had to mosey on over to the Show & Shine to check out some cars, he spent quite a bit of time looking over this tidy AE86.

img_1928 img_1828

Always great to see CarsForHope stickers out and around!

img_1900 img_1904 img_1955 img_1957

Lowriders are a bit of a hidden passion of mine. A period correct 3rd gen Impala is definitely in my fantasy garage!img_1921 img_1932 img_1936 img_1940


img_1943 img_1951


img_1966 img_1973 img_2066img_1974 img_1978


Met Jordan the owner of this nuts E36, talked of plans for his turbo build and the future of the car. Sad news as I later found out that he got defected later that day after attending another car meet.img_2057img_1990

Between the Show & Shine, the action on the track, and the un-relentless sun (I’m a Melbourne boy, remember?), I jut couldn’t grab a photo of every car at the Show & Shine, I hope you enjoyed this select set from the day.

-Alex, Happiness by the Kilowatts

Here’s some more shots of Mel, since a few of you will like them

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