When I landed in HK from Japan I put a call out on my personal Facebook to see if anyone was in town. An old mate Jim Ngou replied, and it turns out the guy is running I Auto Racing, his own workshop here in Kowloon Bay Hong Kong.

Jim moved from Sydney to HK 10 years ago, how time flies. I loosely organised to meet him at his shop and on arrival he gave me an all access pass to shoot whatever I liked, over all 4 floors! What we found in the 4th floor was a private collection of EVO’s, from 1-10! Unfortunately being a private collection we could shoot the cars, but not share. You guys will just have to imagine the porno.

The shop looked to have some pretty big engine out projects and cool tech too. A machine that uses water, making hydrogen out of it to clean cylinder heads. Rad stuff.

Massive thanks to Jim for giving up his time, and letting Anthony and I run free over all 4 floors of his shop. Please visit the I Auto Racing Facebook Page (hunt down their 22B video, its great!): https://www.facebook.com/I-Auto-Racing-1855687504709478/


The I Automobile Centre staff look the goods, their location is pretty epic too with water views down the end of their street.


Jim left Sydney 10 years ago to work in HK. How time flies!



These Tesla’s are EVERYWHERE here in HK. Turns out they were tax exempt for a while on release and LOTS of locals took up the 100% savings!


Diversity. Jim’s workshop services a great mix of both Euro and Japanese rides.


One of Jim’s own personal rides. SO rad that the guy who can probably most likely drive anything chooses to drive an SW20! Legend!


Far from clean DC5R, but so fresh. Love the update headlights and rally style wheels.


I counted at least 5 R35’s in the shop!


On the bottom floor Jim does general servicing. The huge car elevator took us up to the 2nd floor to the spray booth and main workshop. Extraction was so powerful I literally couldn’t smell a thing.


BNR34 in Bayside Blue, covered in dust. So dreamy!


Huracan getting it’s kit on.



Then we spotted this in the corner…


OMG 22B!



The car had no engine, which explains why it’s so high at the front! Turns out Jim has 2 of them! Check their FB page (link below) for a great video on their 22B’s.

I Auto Racing Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/I-Auto-Racing-1855687504709478/