When King Baker speaks. We listen.

We follow Mr. World Time Attack Ian Baker on Facebook. The guy is a champion and World Time Attack is one of the most successful events in the world. So when this successful guy drops words of advice, we lap it up. Here’s what Ian had to say on his personal FB today:

Do things that nobody else does, when everyone else tells you it will not work and you believe it will stick with it and make it happen. Create a niche market. Do not let people steal your dreams. Focus on how you can make other people involved with you money rather than yourself and yours will come. Dream big and make it happen and remember money will never make you happy. I have met more rich unhappy people than poor people. Success is not money it is YOU and you being happy with where you are!! My little message to the world today!!! #nevergiveup

PS: Great interview with Ian over at Speednation: http://speednation.com.au/the-timekeeper-ian-baker/