Rosamina Bold is a Mongolian Art Nude Model. We discuss Model Mayhem, shooting nudes, Mongolia, Lolita and more.

I first shot with Rosamina in 2014 and man she’s come a LONG way!!! She writes now! With passion. Here are some of her words in relation to a recent shoot we did:

Summer afternoon. Soft light.
Skin. Curves. Fishnets. And Persian carpet.
Woman. Man.
A woman captured by a man.
Muse. Artist. Artists both.
Energy. Female. Male. Harmony.
Human. Expression. Mind. Both minds.
Conversation. Camera. Music.
Camera clicks. Soft breeze. The trees.
Fate. Life. Inspiration. They inspire each other. One mentors the other.
One lived longer than the other.
Young. Old. Older. Younger. Naive.
Wise. Energy. Connection. Friendship.
Fate. Life. Past. Future. Curves.
‘The curves of your lips will rewrite the history’.
Oscar Wilde.

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