Despite losing over 1,000 followers on Facebook we’ve had a lot of positive feedback and an increase in sales over the past month. Special thanks especially to all who sent replies to our automated shop email. You guys truly get it.

Massive apologies for being slow on sending out your orders. Right now orders are backing up. There has been an unexpected and sudden death in the family and at the same time ZEN Garage is also undergoing new ownership. Our stock has been relocated and we’re currently on the hunt for new pack and send staff.

To the haters and trolls. Ignore the haters they say, but we do what we like and see nothing wrong with acknowledging that you guys exist and that you’re not happy. Our motto; IT’S OK IF YOU DON’T GET IT isn’t meant to be said with anger. It’s said with understanding. We acknowledge your confusion. Trying to pigeon hole us as nothing more than a ‘car page’ must be damn frustrating for you guys, but truth is we’ve never been just a ‘car page’.

IE: We’re genuinely trying to say that if you don’t understand or like what we do, or why we do what we do, then it truly is AOK, but please don’t expect us to live to please you and to post what we think you might like as that’s truly an impossibility for us. If you’re looking to follow ‘car pages’ we can suggest a few of our local friends: | | Street-Cover | Tuned. | Downshift | Sakura Status 桜 | Mighty Car Mods | AutoCult. Network