I’m a Joe Rogan fan. For those who don’t know Joe Rogan; to me he’s primarily this guy that commentates on live UFC fights. He calls the biggest fights and to this day it still blows my mind how he knows enough about martial arts to be able to call moves live as the world watches with him. I mean, most would have a hard time calling the difference between left and right punches at live speed, let alone calling what kind of punch it is, and why it’s being thrown. He’s a damn good UFC commentator.

Joe’s also a stand up comedian. I’ve watched a couple of his acts and find his brand of comedy a little too aggressive for my liking. Doesn’t really help that I think he gets on the stage smashed (Joe Rogan is a huge advocate for smoking weed) or at least that’s how I interpret his energy on stage.

Joe also runs a free podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience which has been around since 2009 and legit is one of the world’s most popular podcasts.

I’ve been seeing the old word “shill” absolutely everywhere on social media the past few weeks. It’s got to be the first bandwagon word of the year and a good one at that too as it goes quite well with my desire for everyone, especially business oriented entities, to be more transparent with their audiences.

TLDR: Joe Rogan interviews CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey and the entire world loses its shit, as Joe seemed to be asking Dorsey soft questions in place of censorship questions everybody wants answers to. The episode has been downvoted 71,000 times compared to 11,000 upvotes causing Joe to make an apology.

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who’s been on Joe’s show and is someone Joe considers a “friend” (more an frienemy to keep close IMHO), has since gone all out against Joe. He’s not the only one. A quick search of “Joe Rogan Jack Dorsey” on YouTube and you’ll find more than a few people calling Joe out to be a “shill”.

I’ve watched the podcast, and I agree with the haters on this one in that I think Joe missed an opportunity to talk about censorship and Alex Jones with the guy who IS Twitter.

In Joe’s apology video he explains that Dorsey has agreed to return for another interview, this time with someone at Twitter who actually does the banning. It’s going to be an interesting show, one which I feel, despite the content, will cop just as many thumbs down as the first one.