SOLID hangs with Dom today. I’ve know him for what, 10 years? I’ve never once had a quality D&M with the guy, but I suppose I’ve never needed to as Dom ALWAYS come across as a big softy to me; always smiling ear to ear, always a cheeky monkey and a ladies man.

When I was a kid I wished for a girlfriend, this guy wished for strength and honour or some bullshit, and no wonder he’s still single! I’m pretty sure we all know a mate like Dom, who just wants SO bad to be in love, but things have never really quite clicked into place for the guy in that department. Over the past 10 years I’ve seen Dom post about his quite obvious hunt for a soul mate over social media. His posts may come across as semi-desperate at times, but they’re always done with good humour, heart and above all I consider his posts as positive manifestations in any case.

Cheers for getting me out of the house Dom! Thanks for letting me know that some mates out there think I’ve lost the plot a little with the frequency of my manic posts, even more thanks for realising that’s just me right now and that I just gotta do what I gotta do!