Funny how everyone asks Step 1): “R U OK?”, but once you tell people you aren’t they forget about Step 2: “Listen; don’t judge” and instead yell: “HE’S LOST IT! TAKE YOUR MEDS CUNT!”.

Just sayin’, I’ve come cleaner about my problems than most, in a public arena too, it’s how I’ve always done it. How people can make fun of the fact that I am sick, seeking professional help and on medications is a little beyond me.

It amazes me that they can so freely, in an open arena, kick me whilst I am down in order to get likes on their troll comments.

I’ve had guys read my articles and patronise them as nothing but a scream for help. YES! FFS guys yes, that is exactly what they were?!

I’m guilty of not putting in 100% into my work when I work for the man, but I’ve always put everything I’ve got into the businesses I run. Running my brands as ‘me’ hasn’t been easy all these years, it’s possibly getting harder, but at 43 years old the fight feels way more worth it to me now than ever.

I’m determined to get the thousands of followers that were only following ZEN for the babes and cars to either accept that we’re not just a car page or unfollow. It’s going to look like I’m shooting myself in the foot for a while, it’s going to take a little time, but I’ll get there