I’ve been meaning to create more photoshop art for what feels like years now (click here to check out some of my previous digital girlies). I reached out to erotic photographer Eros and asked if he’d be AOK with me remixing some of his work. He was into the idea! I had free reign to choose whatever I liked from his folio, I ended up choosing 2 great shots of the one and only Rosamina.

I went quite dark with these. Adding a bit of warmth with a simple hue/sat adjustment goes a long way (more orange than red), and you can see I was getting there with the outtake at the bottom, which I thought I’d include even though it’s unfinished. Be sure to check out Eros and Rosamina on Instagram. Links at at the bottom of the feature!


Original image of Rosamina Bold by Eros Reflections.


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