ZEN Garage has officially changed hands. I’m now the sole owner, buying out my partner Rob Green’s final share of the company. Anyone who dropped by our Leichhardt shop would know Rob. Anyone who’s ever bought anything from the ZEN Stand at EOMM or WTAC would also know of Rob and his daughters who often ran the stand. Deepest gratitude to Rob, and his family for their generous support and hard work over the years.

ZEN sniper Sam Law (300C-PO) has put his hand up to help out with the pack and send. He starts next week! Apologies once again for the delay in recent orders!

Our next step is to tweak the ZEN SHOP to remove afterpay and other Shopify/social media widgets which try to make more sales by being annoying. We will take a good look at how much every item costs to make, then adjust pricing with the aim to be fair and just.

SHOP: https://shop.zengarage.com.au