I dropped in to see Naturopath Extraordinaire David Jivan today. He’s moved from the hustle and bustle of Anzac Parade Kingsford to a house in Kingsford, converted with a whole lotta love and and smarts. The new office actually feels like a retreat. It’s got a tonne of natural light, it’s clean, almost minimalist yet comfortable and inspirational.

The sign (lovingly made by a couple in QLD) outside has his son’s name Dilan Jivan on it now, such a great thing to see as his old shop sign had his name and his fathers name on it. His father has passed, but this new sign represents a new generation and time for the Jivan business.

I had to tell David all about my adventure down to the depths, and my current climb out of the hole. He was shocked, of-course, and sympathetic. He also bolstered me up with extra time to just talk shit, tell stories and have a good laugh. I loved every minute of it.

I got a few takeaways too. Natural but potent stuff to help me sleep, stuff to help bring out the good energy, stuff to make my insides better!

Visit: https://www.facebook.com/davidjivannaturopath