It’s been a tough year for ZEN Sponsored Racer Trent Grubel, but our guy just keeps getting back up and putting the work in. Trent missed out on the top tier of the Pro Class podium at Aus Time Attack by 0.0709 seconds with his lap time of 0:58.0287 at Wakefield Park. That’s pretty damned impressive given that was on his 4th lap in the Pulse Racing¬†Mitsubishi Evo VIII a car he hadn’t driven before.

Pro Class
1st: Benny Tran, Honda Integra – 0:57.9578
2nd: Trent Grubel, Mitsubishi Evo VIII – 0:58.0287
3rd: Richard Perini, Ginetta G55 – 0:59.7126

Thanks to Jack Martin / Speed Nation, DOPhoto & Chequered Flag Photography for the following images!

01 - Aus Time Attack - Jack Martin

02 - Aus Time Attack - Chequered Flag

03 - Aus Time Attack - DOPhoto

04 - Aus Time Attack - Chequered Flag

05 - Aus Time Attack - Chequered Flag

06 - Aus Time Attack - Chequered Flag