WTAC 2018-370As I (finally) look back on Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge 2018, through the plethora of images captured, I’m reminded of the stories that came out of the event.

WTAC 2018-358
WTAC 2018-369
WTAC 2018-052
WTAC 2018-347
WTAC 2018-310

WTAC 2018-006There were plenty of big stories that came out of this 10th year; Barton Mawer taking the outright WTAC lap record in the RP968, Under Suzuki taking Fire Ando’s Escort Evo out in the Superlap shootout, or Adam Casmiri adding a third class cap to his portfolio.

WTAC 2018-041
WTAC 2018-035

I guess the biggest story of WTAC2018 was PR Technology’s RP968 breaking the 1:20 mark, clocking in at 1:19:825; just 0.7 seconds off of the outright track record.

WTAC 2018-001
WTAC 2018-003
WTAC 2018-005The combination of Barton Mawer, THOR (their 1500HP Billet block engine), and some amazing aero proved to be a winner.

Here’s the in-car footage for those of you who haven’t yet seen it.

WTAC 2018-007

WTAC 2018-008
WTAC 2018-010
WTAC 2018-011
WTAC 2018-009
WTAC 2018-015

WTAC 2018-039Despite his S15 not being ready in time to race WTAC, the peoples champion: Under Suzuki, still made it over for the event! He even got some seat time in Fire Ando’s Escort Racing Evo during the superlap shootout, as a pre-existing hand injury meant that Fire couldn’t drive.WTAC 2018-042

WTAC 2018-055
WTAC 2018-050
WTAC 2018-051
WTAC 2018-056
WTAC 2018-057

WTAC 2018-0262018 was a little bittersweet for JDMYard\Hardrace and their driver Adam Casmiri. Their civic; a multi-podium winning car, put in its final laps this year.

WTAC 2018-027
WTAC 2018-028
By the time Adam went out for the Superlap shootout, he had the win in the bag, and the skies had opened up enough for a wet track;
WTAC 2018-029
WTAC 2018-032
He didn’t need to drive, yet for the love of the fans, the love of the event and the love of the car; he did.
WTAC 2018-034
WTAC 2018-036
WTAC 2018-037
Seeing the love and respect that this team has for one another upon Adam’s return to the garages was truely something special.

But as much as the top end stories rang out across Sydney Motor Sport Park (and the world), I was treated to some smaller, just as impressive stories.
WTAC 2018-302So come for a wander around the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge 2018 with a Sniper and meet some people along the way.WTAC 2018-361

WTAC 2018-063The Superlap shootout was definitely a busy time over the weekend with Brett Dickie in the Elusive Racing Honda Integra managing to find 2 seconds in the lap to shoot him from third place to first in Clubsprint class.
WTAC 2018-061Their team definitely worked hard over the weekend with the car catching a fire earlier in the day, which they fixed up and got back out on track.

WTAC 2018-062
WTAC 2018-060

WTAC 2018-022The Tilton Interiors Evo is pretty synonymous with WTAC, having won a number of years with Garth Walden taking 3 wins in a row from 2013 – 2015.

WTAC 2018-016
WTAC 2018-018
WTAC 2018-021
WTAC 2018-023
WTAC 2018-024
After a 2 year hiatus, the car resurfaced at Vic Time Attack 2018 before being driven in Pro Am class by its owner Kosta Pohorukov.
Sadly he became unstuck around turn 1 and hit the wall leading into turn 2 in a pretty bad crash, but luckily was able to walk away fairly unscathed, and also with 1st place honors.
WTAC 2018-025

WTAC 2018-067We are definitely privileged to see racing & drifting royalty Keiichi Tsuchiya year on year at World Time Attack.

WTAC 2018-064
WTAC 2018-065
WTAC 2018-069After a few years of parade laps and drift judging, it was finally time for DK to enjoy Sydney Motorsport Park how it’s meant to be done; behind the wheel of a car racing for that one perfect lap. His chariot; Beau Yates’ (drift) championship winning AE86, which has gone through a plethora of modifications thanks to the guys at Hypertune to have it ready to compete in Open Class.WTAC 2018-066
WTAC 2018-068
WTAC 2018-070
WTAC 2018-071
WTAC 2018-072

WTAC 2018-076The leadup to the weekend for the DM Motorsports team was plagued with problems. As they were doing some last minute dyno testing on their GT300 S15 Silvia, an long-running issue surfaced and took out the engine. WTAC 2018-073They spent the Thursday and Friday of the event, in between day jobs, rebuilding the engine to GT spec and finally making it on track Saturday morning, thanks to a great pit crew and helpful friends and suppliers. WTAC 2018-074Despite the engine not being bed in, and plenty of track stoppages all day, Dale still managed to put in a time to qualify him for a Superlap shootout run whilst babying the car.

WTAC 2018-075
WTAC 2018-077

WTAC 2018-079It was a true sight to see the response when Olivia and Serse of J-Spec Performance, all the way over from Switzerland, put the call out for hands to help them change the engine over in their Mitsubishi Evo X after it caught fire down the main straight. People from all over the place came in to swing spanners and assist with the change and help them get back out on track.

WTAC 2018-080
WTAC 2018-081
WTAC 2018-082
WTAC 2018-083The pair still managed to put in 10 laps across the event and came away with 3rd place in the Pro-Am class on their last lap of the day.WTAC 2018-085

WTAC 2018-086With so many international competitors in 2018, it was easy to miss some of them. Probably the most overlooked of the pack was the Swiss team from R-Performance with their pairing of Hondas; a DC8 in open class & a Civic in clubsprint class, both sporting B18 engines. They came as a test year; to gain experience and make contacts, and having JDMYard as a contact is a pretty good place to start. On Thursday practice, Adam Casmiri led them around the track to help familiarise them.

WTAC 2018-087
WTAC 2018-089
Unfortunately their clubsprint Civic threw an oil pump putting it out of competition for the weekend.
WTAC 2018-088
WTAC 2018-090

After a number of runs, in their Integra with the engine still performing well, they came to the realization that their times would not be competitive in open class, and banked it all into clubsprint with their Civic.WTAC 2018-091After an overnight engine out of the Integra and into the Civic, they managed to make the top 5 fastest laps, but a couple of track incidents saw them unable to reach the podium in the end, but gain some decent experience over the weekend.WTAC 2018-092

WTAC 2018-094The other car that probably didn’t receive the attention that it deserved over the weekend was the JUN “Hyper Lemon” 350Z R, piloted by the legendary Tarzan Yamada; no stranger to Sydney Motorsport Park and WTAC having won in the Cyber Evo in 2010 & 2011, and driving a number of different cars over the years. WTAC 2018-097

WTAC 2018-093
WTAC 2018-095
Tarzan was only able to put down a 1:37.9060 in open class, placing him 15th in the field. WTAC 2018-098Hopefully we’ll see the car back and more competitive soon.WTAC 2018-099

WTAC 2018-102Nobuteru Taniguchi was another feat that we got to see, not only piloting the HKS TRB-03 around the GP circuit, but also competing in the HKS Drift Toyota 86 in the Garrett International Drifting Cup.

WTAC 2018-104
WTAC 2018-105
WTAC 2018-106Unfortunately the TRB-03 was ineligible to compete as it was built outside of Pro-class regulations and also running on slicks rather than semi-slicks, but the FA25 making close to 1000HP definitely sounded amazing at full-noise on track, and looked a treat whilst at it.WTAC 2018-107Nob made it all the way to the top/great eight of the IDC with a perfect 3 from 3 in the prior rounds, but ended up being knocked out by Adelaide’s Dale Campaign in his Nissan S13 Silvia.WTAC 2018-191
WTAC 2018-192
WTAC 2018-193
WTAC 2018-212
WTAC 2018-213
WTAC 2018-214

WTAC 2018-112Downshift were given the keys to host the show n shine, taking on the fantastic beast that The-Lowdown had the helm of for so many years; not an easy machine to manoeuvre. The team did a pretty decent job despite the weather scaring off a number of entrants.WTAC 2018-115

WTAC 2018-111
WTAC 2018-114
WTAC 2018-113
WTAC 2018-117
WTAC 2018-118
WTAC 2018-116

WTAC 2018-119Whilst wandering the event with Candii Banks, we ran into this guy – Tony Lam. As they caught up, Tony let us in on his journey into the Dry Lake’s Racing 200MPH Club, with a tidy 204.267mph, which is just under 329kmph, on his 2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2. Going that fast would definitely require some balls of steel, but Tony also told us that in the process of getting there, his suit got sprayed with oil, and to come to a stop, you just gotta hold on…

WTAC 2018-139Promo models seem to be an endangered species with the world following suit from the F1.
WTAC 2018-120

WTAC 2018-121
WTAC 2018-122
WTAC 2018-123We saw the demise of Miss WTAC a few years ago, and the number of promo girls wandering the field seems to shrink year on year. WTAC 2018-124WTAC 2018-129
WTAC 2018-130
WTAC 2018-131
WTAC 2018-144
WTAC 2018-145
WTAC 2018-146
I’m pretty lucky to have a few staple ladies who are willing to shoot with me, even hunt me down. Always up for more too, so get in contact if you’re keen!!WTAC 2018-151WTAC 2018-142WTAC 2018-150WTAC 2018-153WTAC 2018-154WTAC 2018-138

WTAC 2018-159Plenty of people would know Grub from Impossible Fabrications and the engineering feats that he is able to come up with, but when he turned up with this dingy at the Nulon stand, there was definitely 2nd and 3rd looks at it. WTAC 2018-160

WTAC 2018-155
WTAC 2018-156
WTAC 2018-157
WTAC 2018-158

WTAC 2018-161The International Drifting Cup, presented by Garrett Advancing Motion, debuted at WTAC, which saw drivers randomly grouped into pools to compete.
WTAC 2018-163

WTAC 2018-162
WTAC 2018-164
WTAC 2018-165
The lineup saw a host of international talent with brothers Jack & Connor Shanahan from Ireland, Nobuteru Taniguchi, Drift Zamurai & Naoki Nakamura from Japan and Fanga Dan Woolhouse, Carl Thompson & Jaron Olivecrona from New Zealand flying in to battle it out. Throw in the cream of Australia’s drifting talent from every state of Australia, along with the Pro-Am driver; Stephen Brugman, who won the opportunity to drive Rob Whyte’s 350Z, and you have a diverse field!!
WTAC 2018-169
WTAC 2018-174
WTAC 2018-176
WTAC 2018-287

Over the course of 2 nights, the field shrank further and further until we saw Japanese driver Naoki Nakamura come away with the win over Luke Fink, and Michael Prosenik clenching third place from Dale Campaign.
WTAC 2018-205

WTAC 2018-219
WTAC 2018-220
WTAC 2018-221
WTAC 2018-222WTAC 2018-223
WTAC 2018-224
WTAC 2018-225
WTAC 2018-226
WTAC 2018-229WTAC 2018-228
WTAC 2018-230
WTAC 2018-231
WTAC 2018-232Of course, there’s no celebration without victory skids!!!
WTAC 2018-233
WTAC 2018-234
WTAC 2018-235
WTAC 2018-236
WTAC 2018-237

I’m sure there are plenty plenty more stories that took place over World Time Attack Challenge. We’d love to hear them!!!!
WTAC 2018-291

For now, we’ll leave you with an extended gallery of Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge 2018!!!

WTAC 2018-002

WTAC 2018-004

WTAC 2018-012

WTAC 2018-013

WTAC 2018-014

WTAC 2018-017

WTAC 2018-019

WTAC 2018-020
WTAC 2018-030


WTAC 2018-033

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WTAC 2018-040

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WTAC 2018-045

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WTAC 2018-047

WTAC 2018-048

WTAC 2018-049



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WTAC 2018-084

WTAC 2018-096

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WTAC 2018-109

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WTAC 2018-152

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WTAC 2018-173

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WTAC 2018-252


WTAC 2018-253

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WTAC 2018-257

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WTAC 2018-263

WTAC 2018-264

WTAC 2018-265

WTAC 2018-266


WTAC 2018-268

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WTAC 2018-272

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WTAC 2018-274

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WTAC 2018-276

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WTAC 2018-298

WTAC 2018-299

The Mayor!!!!

WTAC 2018-300

Talkin’ RACEWARS!!!!

WTAC 2018-301

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WTAC 2018-318

WTAC 2018-319

WTAC 2018-320

WTAC 2018-321

Buy 10, get a free photo!!!

WTAC 2018-322

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WTAC 2018-324

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WTAC 2018-330

WTAC 2018-331

WTAC 2018-332

WTAC 2018-333

WTAC 2018-334

WTAC 2018-335

WTAC 2018-336

WTAC 2018-337

WTAC 2018-338

Flaggies need rest too

WTAC 2018-339

WTAC 2018-340

WTAC 2018-341

WTAC 2018-342

WTAC 2018-343

Love these guys!!!

WTAC 2018-344

WTAC 2018-345

WTAC 2018-346

WTAC 2018-348

WTAC 2018-349

WTAC 2018-350

WTAC 2018-351

WTAC 2018-352

WTAC 2018-353

WTAC 2018-354

WTAC 2018-355

WTAC 2018-356

WTAC 2018-357

WTAC 2018-359

WTAC 2018-360

WTAC 2018-362

WTAC 2018-363

WTAC 2018-364


WTAC 2018-365

Esteemed Judges for Stylized

WTAC 2018-366

WTAC 2018-367


WTAC 2018-368

WTAC 2018-371

WTAC 2018-372

WTAC 2018-373

WTAC 2018-374

WTAC 2018-375

WTAC 2018-376

WTAC 2018-377

Well earned rest!!

WTAC 2018-378