I stumbled onto Chris George’s ‘The Lefty Guitar Channel’ on YouTube. I watched a few videos, liked, subscribed, but then I thought I’d do a little more and reach out to him via email. Chris replied the next day and was up for a chat so… we made it happen!

At age 16 Chris won Guitarist Magazine’s ‘Young Guitarist of The Year’. He’s worked with Marshall Amps for nearly 20 years and has played with the likes of Paul Gilbert, Joe Bonamassa, Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani, Dan Hawkins, Phil Campbell, Doug Aldrich, Rob Flynn, Dave Lombardo and many more.

Lefty to lefty, we have an open discussion covering various topics including Chris’ YouTube channel, guitar heroes, guitar journey and lefty guitar collection. Hope you guys enjoy and get some inspiration from Chris’ journey. Was such awesome fun to connect with a fellow lefty guitarist on the other side of the globe!

Be sure to follow and check Chris’ stuff out in the links below:
The Lefty Guitar Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWPlckcdJc1xhWD1WSTRYuA
Chris George web site: https://www.chrisgeorgeguitarist.com
Chris’ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Chris_George__/