Banksy Graffiti Art On West Bank Barrier


Banksy is an England-based artist best known for his awesome political street art (usually stencil work displaying his contempt for the government in labelling ... Read More.

Yanni Floros

You've got to be jealous of people who can draw really well. Are these photos, or drawings? Adelaide based Yanni Floros' charcoal artworks are so hyperreal they... Read More.


123Klan is a French graffiti crew, founded in 1992 by husband and wife team Scien and Klor. Since 94 the crew has grown in size and dabbled with computers, fusi... Read More.

Metropolis II

Artist Chris Burden has spent the past 4 years of his life creating this giant installation entitled Metropolis II. Metropolis II features 1500 Hot Wheels toy c... Read More.

Benedict Radcliffe

UK based artist Benedict Radcliffe has created some interesting sculpture pieces but he's perhaps most well known for his life size wireframe cars. He started w... Read More.

Death Spray Custom

London based Artist David Gwyther of Death Spray Custom turns everything he touches into a work of art whether it's motorcycle helmets, skateboards, bikes, jer... Read More.


Japanese Illustrator Shohei Otomo creates some of the most visually thrilling illustrative work coming out of Japan, all with a ballpoint pen. His highly de... Read More.