Enjoy this awesome End Of Month Meet (EOMM) video by Lachlan Couley. Lots of photos from last Thursday’s meet are making their way online, be sure to join the EOMM Facebook Group to check them all out. Join: https://www.f...
by Zen Garage


NSW 86/BRZ Car Club Toyo Tech Night

Last night Toyo hosted a tech night for the NSW 86/BRZ Car Club. I dropped in to check it out and I was pretty damn impressed with the huge turnout of 86’s and BRZ’s, all of which were modified (a stock one would ha...
by Justin Fox

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Wilkesboro Crew X Hood Status Clothing & Goods: Dank Fest 5

I have been waiting since March to attend the most decorative car event in the state of North Carolina known as Dank Fest. Dank Fest is a car event that celebrates automotive culture. Bikes, Hot Rods, heavily built Domestic veh...
by Antonio Logan



MotorEx 2015

MotorEx is one BIG car show. There were a few cars that I didn’t really understand, and a lot of cars that I loved.  Enough said. Scroll down to see some amazing show winners (both classic and brand new), huge horsepower...
by Patrick Stannard


Legally Uncomfortable In NSW

Four weeks ago I didn’t know much about stretched tyres. I had seen them on stance cars, on grassroots and professional drift cars, and I had even thought about putting some stretch into my old VW Beetle to eliminate its fron...
by Patrick Stannard


Track your daily driven truck – The Colombian Truck GP

Have you ever imagined that you work transporting things, around the country in a 500 hp and 1500 Lb/ft semi-truck and at the end of the week you go to the local race track to race against 100 trucks going at max speed? try to ...
by Andrés Pinzón



Heasman Steering x Selectnine x Liberty Walk

Had an awesome day today tagging along with Ved from Selectnine who was filming and shooting the SUNUS Motorsports LB M3 and a meeting with Mr Liberty Walk himself, Kato-san for Heasman Steering. Kato-san arrived at Heasman St...
by Justin Fox

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Pistol Pete’s 2J S15

Loving the new livery by D.Magic on Pistol Pete’s 2J S15! Check out Scotty‘s Carpark Session video below:
by Jasmine Abel

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R34 Meets JZX100

I recently caught up with Matt who acquired a new set of bronze CR Kai’s for his 1998 Toyota Chaser. I had been meaning to shoot his car for a while now so we decided to head out to my favourite location and get some photos b...
by Jasmine Abel



UDOORI x Mish Woo

We love a good collab. Mish Woo x UDOORI = relevant Zen content! Nothing more to say really; less words, more pictures. Please follow the links below for more. Mish Woo: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialMishWoo UDOORI: https://...
by Zen Garage


Truganina Cars & Coffee, July 2015

Saturday, I woke to my alarm on a more-than-brisk Melbourne morning after a solid week of 4pm-midnight shifts. In the midst of what the news was calling an “arctic cold front”, and an embarrassingly wounded car ...
by Alex Affat


LS3 Powered NB MX5

Would you take a mint condition Mazdaspeed MX5, arguably the most sought after of the NB line-up, and immediately remove the factory turbo engine and driveline? This guy did, and replaced it with an LS3 v8 crate engine from Sum...
by Anthony Crivelli