Group B – Official Film Trailer

Now this gets us pretty damn excited. If you didn’t already know, Group B (often referred to as the “golden era of rallying”) was a set of regulations introduced in the early 80’s for rally cars which fo...
by Zen Garage


Drone Boning

You know, drone’s are the in thing right now. “We wanted to explore the whole idea of drone privacy and strikes—this idea of ‘make porn, not war. It started as a kind of funny commentary on privacy and voyeu...
by Zen Garage


Design vs Art – Why I quit being a Designer

So today I got this question sent my way via Facebook Messenger: “How do your practices differ when creating a commissioned design project to creating art for yourself, i.e do you feel constrained by the perceived differe...
by Justin Fox



Average Joe Car Show Interview/Podcast

It’s always strange hearing your own voice, right?! The hour long interview I did last week with Dallas and Daniel of the Average Joe Car Show is now live! We talk 80’s/90’s cars, the car scene, stuff I’...
by Justin Fox


Paul Walker – Cars change lives; cars save lives.

At the time of writing this, in just 30 hours I’ll be sitting down to view an advanced screening of Furious 7. I’ve never looked forward to a movie as much as this before. It will be bitter sweet seeing Paul Walker ...
by Alex Affat



As car enthusiasts, the people around us look to us for leadership and advice on matters automotive. Just think about how many times you have been given a vague list of mechanical symptoms by a person with hopeful eyes, until y...
by Nicholas Green




Holy shit. Not sure how we missed this, but it’s the best thing ever!!!!
by Zen Garage

EOMM 2-12-049

EOMM Featured on Car Throttle

Sometimes you have to step out and see things from another perspective (before it’s all lost). The Sydney car scene has been fighting against the hoon label we’ve been slapped with for years. Sometimes I’m not...
by Justin Fox

EOMM 2-12-037

February EOMM 2015 – Cars For Hope – The Orange Effect

‪#‎THEORANGEEFFECT‬ EOMM is done and dusted, and we’re happy to say that it was a major success! All of us at Cars For Hope are honoured with the sheer amount of support we received from all you guys and girls at th...
by Berty



Maya & Katana

Not that we care too much about being culturally correct (we consider ourselves culture jammers after all!), but as luck would have it, we acquired an awesome Katana, and a week later Japanese model Maya Kaneko just happened to...
by Zen Garage


Is your dream what you expect it to be?

If you’ve followed my Zen blogs, you’d know that I’ve completely changed my life’s course. I’ve ditched everything I know and decided to follow my dream of becoming a race car driver. On January 28th, I had the experi...
by Denis Gataric


The law needs to slow down, not the speeding drivers

DID you get booked for speeding over the January holidays? Did you feel bad about it? There is no need to. Speed limits are too low, set by the wrong people, and police labour under the ­ridiculous notion that by ­enforcing t...
by Zen Garage