Alain Sihaphone
I'm Alain. It's like Alan, but with an 'I'. Coincidence, because I also have eyes. I use them to look at cars and girls. Mostly behind a camera so it's less creepy.

Andrew Mell

Denis Gataric
As for the blurb. "I’m an 18 year old living on the Gold Coast. I love cars, music, anime, writing and chilling out with friends. Girls would be somewhere in there too. I’m very social and always up for a good laugh." I didn't know what to write for it haha.

Herman Phung
Born in the 80s, grew up in the 90s. Idolised James Dean but wanted to be Kurt Cobain. I love skateboarding, cars and art. I started writing after reading Steinbeck. Former Editorial Coordinator at Auto Salon Magazine and creator of Issue11. Oh, and I’m a smoker.

John Lor
A car enthusiast & home mechanic, now turned car blogger.

Justin Fox
I like to create things. I’m into everything Cars, Bikes and Design. In the 80′s I was into skating, mountain biking, and metal. I’ve worked for myself for over a decade. I’m the founder of Australian INfront, JDM Style Tuning and

Justin Holden

Kristina Trudgeon
I am a well known car enthusiast and regular entrant in all the big auto events. Now working on my 3rd project car – a 350z; previously modifying an R33 and S15. After creating my own motoring column called “Girls in Top Gear” and writing for such companies as Ignition DVD; I am now based in Brisbane and head promo girl/organiser for Nizzpro Performance at all the local drift events. I am passionate about the automotive industry and enjoy everything it has to offer.

Lewis Vaughan
I'm a 20-something year old from Sydney, Australia. I like cars, skateboards, bikes, video games, anime and everything else really. One day I woke up and decided I wanted to be a writer and now here I am!

Michael Vettas
Don't these things shit you?, who am I? I am me, Michael Vettas that's who. Born in the 70's, grew up in the 80's, lived through the 90's and creating memories in the 20's. Life is what you make it and I am trying to make it one hell of a life and take as many with me on that ride as I can, that includes my passion, my love, my thirst... cats hahah kidding, photography, I live it, I breath it, it is now taking me around the world, I am on the ride of my life and loving every bit of it.

Misha Charoudin
An ordinary guy just like you, who likes to do less ordinary things. Manufactured in Moscow in 1989, but lived half of my life in The Netherlands. A creator, a star, a supporter and a deal maker. If it has an engine or it is fueled by passion - I love it. Friends&Haters are my motivators.

Nicholas Green
I am a series of contradictions. No i'm not. 6'5", 150 but love tiny performance cars, uncomfortable motorcycles and short girls. Educated an ethicist and working as a creative. Built like a retired NFL player, but shy and anxious. Black Flag tattoo, Hip-hop enthusiast. Friendly demeanour outside, misanthropy inside. Nice to meet you!

Robert Green

Sergio Capozzi
I'm not censored, I'm hardly 'Safe For Work' and realistically, I'm all things Zen Garage. Born in Sydney, 1988 and spent majority of my youth in trouble with my Mother. Cars, Skateboarding and Girls kept me occupied throughout my teens. Whilst, The Royal Australian Navy took ownership of me during my early 20's. I'm Co-Founder/Owner of Zen Garage and Sydney All Stars.

Steven Le
I like to do what makes me happy. My interests include Kendo, Cars, Snowboarding, Photography and more recently BMX and Skateboarding. Currently a student at UTS that loves to procrastinate and day dream a lot. I like to enjoy the little things in life and make the most of what I have. And yes I’m a Honda fan boy.

Tate Wilson

Trent Grubel

Ved Kay
Ved is the head Photographer at Sydney based Automotive Photography and Videography company Selectnine.

Zen Garage
Hot picks from the team at the Zen Garage.