JDMST EOMM September 2011

JDMST's EOMM (End Of Month Meet) at EQ in Sydney saw a lot of new young faces last night. The EOMM's have been running since 2005, they've always been mostly big events, ever since the first meet, and there's always some stunning cars. Babs' im... Read More.


If all tools were made the same, they would cost the same and anyone who loves tooling around on stuff knows that money well spent on quality tools saves tears ... Read More.

Joel Nigel Coleman

I'm a sucker for the dreamy romantic work of young Australian Photographer Joel Nigel Coleman. His lo-fi approach to landscape photography makes it easier for me to feel like I'm actually there in the scene, it feels real unlike the typical sharp sup... Read More.

Slow motion skateboarding slams

Slow motion skateboarding slams filmed with a Redlake N3 high speed camera, anywhere between 500 frames per second and 1,000 frames per second. Whilst the slams themselves are a bit weak and the rollerblader has no right at all to be in the clip I... Read More.

Dredd 2012

I've just heard that there's a Judge Dredd remake on the way for 2012 (thank God not a sequel) and the good news is that 2000 AD have a hand in producing it thi... Read More.
Tina racing

Japanese Nationals 2011

What a great day; Classic Japanese Car Club and Q.R Raceways joined forces on Sunday 25th of September for the annual Japanese Nationals (CJSS) event at Lakeside Motor Raceway Kurwongbah, north of Brisbane. The highly successful event which is now... Read More.