Papz Openner

PAPZ Interview

Former Auto Salon Magazine Art Director, Michael 'Papz' Papandrea, agreed to let me record our catch up. We ended up talking about how he got robbed in Vegas, life after ASM, and whatever bullshit that came to us. P: How you going to do it? You... Read More.


If all tools were made the same, they would cost the same and anyone who loves tooling around on stuff knows that money well spent on quality tools saves tears in the long run. Here's a shortlist of quality general multi-tools. Gadgets to some but... Read More.

Maï Ikuzawa

Just started following Maï Ikuzawa on twitter, did some internet stalking and I'm now officially a fan of hers! Born in Tokyo as the daughter of Japan's most celebrated grand prix driver, Tetsu Ikuzawa, Maï Ikuzawa grew up in the world of motor racin... Read More.

Dredd 2012

I've just heard that there's a Judge Dredd remake on the way for 2012 (thank God not a sequel) and the good news is that 2000 AD have a hand in producing it this time. Dredd has appeared in 2000AD comics since the 70's and I spent the early years... Read More.