Chen Lu

It's a small world. I've had SO many cases of 7 degrees of separation and coincidences in my life that they rarely surprise me anymore. What I tend to do these ... Read More.

Japan supernatural

On at the Art Gallery of NSW (AGNSW) right now: Japan supernatural, an exhibition featuring works by Japanese artists past and present with a focus on ghosts, goblins and shapeshifters (my kinda show!). I checked it out with my Japanese counterparts ... Read More.

Finding my ZEN in Africa

I've learnt to just say yes whenever my mother asks me if I want to travel with her, for a few reasons; 1) She's my best mate, so it's always awesome to have some quality mum and son time, and 2) She travels in style, so airport lounges and business ... Read More.
2019-10-13 - RSW Hail Vintage 008

HAIL Vintage!!!

A quick trip out to Rising Sun Workshop in Newtown for a lazy Sunday meet called HAIL Vintage; celebrating the cooler days of the 70’s and 80’s in the workshop with some records, swap meet, classic motorcycles, bbq and beers. Kel was o... Read More.
2019-10-06 - Toyotafest 015

ToyotaFest #16

A day out with the ToyMods car club for ToyotaFest with a great mix of classic and modern Crowns, Toyotas & Lexus. V-Sport's Open Class WTAC Car #Timmy86 Midnight Purple ... Read More.