You Left

It’s not often I walk away from a fight, but I’ve been on a WhatsApp Mountain Bike group for the past week which started out good, but after a while it felt like being back on the forums again where some people would put you down for the choices you ... Read More.

Almost Sober

Tool’s ‘Sober’ is a song about a friend of the band whose artistic expression only comes out when he is under the influence. “A lot of people give him shit for that, if you become addicted and a junkie, well, that’s your fault.” I put hammer (sign... Read More.

JivanHealth Wellness Hub

I dropped in to see Naturopath Extraordinaire David Jivan today. He's moved from the hustle and bustle of Anzac Parade Kingsford to a house in Kingsford, converted with a whole lotta love and and smarts. The new office actually feels like a retreat. ... Read More.