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Stop Sharing A Current Affair’s Videos!

I’ve been meaning to write about this for some time now but something always distracts me. I get sent into this white hot rage when I watch any of ACA’s “reports” and then fall asleep and forget about it...
by Lewis Vaughan


“History Garage” – Toyota’s Tribute To The Past

Welcome to Odaiba, a former defensive outpost in Tokyo bay. The artificial island now plays host to “Megaweb” (An automotive theme park run by Toyota), a 24 hour video arcade, an 18 meter tall ‘Gundam’ statue, a nostalg...
by Patrick Stannard


Devan Shiels

Sumospeed Presents: Springfest 2015

Let me first start off by saying, WOW! Recently, I attended Sumospeed’s Springfest event. The event was held at the Virginia Beach Convention Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This was my first time attending Springfest, an...
by Antonio Logan


Truganina Cars & Coffee, June 2015

Cars & Coffee meets have become a bastion of car lovers all around the world. With a humble Sunday morning meet starting in Irvine California, its laid back and bring-what-you’ve-got ethos quickly spread to all corner...
by Alex Affat



Bogotá JDM weekend

Have you ever heard anything about Colombia? A country located on the north of South America? Surely you’ve heard bad or good things, but I’m pretty sure that you never heard about our car culture, the enthusiasts, buil...
by Andrés Pinzón


Shimada Cycleworks

We stumbled upon Shimada Cycleworks, a bicycle shop like no other in Sydney in that it looks and feels like it’s just been plucked out of Tokyo and plonked into town. Shimada Cycleworks is hidden away in a little laneway ...
by Zen Garage



Tempescope, a box of rain in your living room

We love this little product, conceptually brilliant and we’ve already put our name down for one! Tempescope is a physical weather display that visualises the weather by actually reconstructing the weather conditions insid...
by Zen Garage


The Realistic Daily/Track Project – Intro & Goals

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. A long while. I’ve watched a lot of “budget” track projects over the last year and have been itching to do my own ever since. I don’t think I’ll eve...
by Lewis Vaughan



Mad Max: Fury Road

An early morning jaunt to the Sydney Opera House resulted in spending the next hour pouring obsessively over the mechanical monstrosities of Mad Max: Fury Road. Bobble heads littered the dash, dismembered dolls stared blankly, ...
by Dane Kirkland



A lifestyle crew of bad ass female models. 83, dark, moody and shroud in mystery. We’re excited to be working with this crew of femmes, so look out for a collab shoot soon! In the meantime, like and follow: @eighty83three...
by Zen Garage



Quick Bondi shoot with Vashti

Last Saturday I headed to beautiful Bondi for a quick shoot with Vashti. The weather was gorgeous as we headed around to the north Bondi cliffs with one outfit and one hour to shoot. Follow her on instagram @vashtillanya
by Ben Cvoro


Sydney Volkswagen Nationals 2015

Change is a good thing. If the landscape of car culture was to stagnate, car shows would be very boring. Change brings different ideas of design, style and beauty into the spotlight, inspiring other builds and pushing the car s...
by Patrick Stannard