Honing in the Quetiapine

I still have maybe a couple of coffees a day, 2–3 jays a day, or a ciggy or 2 if I’m out and about, or a glass of wine or 3, or a beer or two when the boys are over, but Quetiapine (also sold under the trade name Seroquel) is the only thing I’m takin... Read More.

It’s Justin “FOK”, not “FOX”

I was born in Paddington Women’s Hospital on Oxford Street Sydney as Justin Joseph Junior Fok. Fok as a surname wasn’t an issue until I got to high school where every roll call in every class was a joke on me. Teachers would be scared to say it out l... Read More.

Can’t find a better man

Mic Test 1,2… 1,2. Calling out all cheaters, calling you all out. Hard topic to talk about, and I’ve been wanting to talk about it for years. I’ve had sex with girls who were in relationships, a couple of them were married, the others in long term... Read More.