DSC00883 Zen Garage

Tuner Evolution Charlotte 2017

Quality over quantity is what some of the major car shows here in the U.S. are now tightening up on to accomplish. Tuner Evolution for the course of eleven years now has been establishing with each of their shows. Car shows are about meeting and gree... Read More.
2017-10-12 - WTAC 2017 Test Day 011

Yokohama WTAC – Practice Day

Plenty of the Time Attack cars were out today for some shakedowns before racing tomorrow.  Whilst most came away unscathed, there were a few which were stirred, and unfortunately a couple that became unstuck, ending their WTAC campaign for this year.... Read More.

So I made a life choice yesterday

#lessismore - Gross right? But hey it is a part of me! I cracked a tooth on my (not so) recent trip to Japan and I've been meaning to see a dentist since, but I've also been meaning to design more stuff for ZEN Garage, and logo design work for mat... Read More.