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Was a great meet last Thursday night. We had over a thousand cars! Thanks to Sydney Dragway for the venue and awesome team on the night. Thanks to all our vendors too. PS: If you have photos, please share them in the EOMM FB Gr...
by Zen Garage


Fast & Furious 7 DVD Launch – Media Drift Day!

I’m out at a container lot today playing with MR2’s!!! So rad! I was invited (along with with Kyle and Jackie O, Channel 9 and news.com.au) to meet up at this container lot this rainy morning as part of the Fast ...
by Justin Fox



RWB Australia #1 | RAUH-Welt Begriff | Southern Cross – Trailer

Teaser video: RWB Australia #1 | RAUH-Welt Begriff | Southern Cross. We’re really looking forward to the final video! RWB Australia #1 | RAUH-Welt Begriff | Southern Cross – Trailer from Xquisitefilms on Vimeo. Mech...
by Zen Garage


Lotus Europa Restoration

What’s your ideal mid-life crisis car? For me, it has to be European, two seats, and have it’s engine planted behind the seats. While a Lamborghini Miura or a Ferrari F40 would be nice, I don’t think either ...
by Anthony Crivelli



Enter: Akira Nakai-san

For three days I was allowed both the privilege and the pleasure to witness Akira Nakai-san apply one of his his famed body kits to Australia’s first RWB car, a salmon pink 930 later named “Southern Cross”. Un...
by Alex Affat



Shinjuku 2-chome, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
by Jessica Ta



Zen Aquarium Project

I debated whether or not to feature this on Zen, but I’m so into it right now I can’t help it! I’ve been missing not having an aquarium in the house. I’m especially missing my old 6ft marine tank which w...
by Justin Fox


Painful Cars at SMASH!

Australia’s modified car scene is truly something special. Whenever I see a movement or style on the internet/overseas, I know that someone down under is trying to make it happen. Fan Zhang founder of “Itasha Aust...
by Patrick Stannard


1 - IMG_5182-2-04-R

Australia’s First RWB

Over 7 months ago, I encountered my first RWB in person. It was an experience like no other and I’ll never forget the tears of joy running down my face as Toshiya Ichiraku’s ‘Rough Rhythm’ stood before me at Tokyo Auto ...
by Jasmine Abel


Heasman Steering – Is there anything these guys can’t do?

Process is King. The smart guys at Heasman Steering have completely re-built the R35 GTR’s factory shocks to be fully adjustable coil-overs and Selectnine has beautifully captured the entire process. If you’re into ...
by Zen Garage



RIP Takashi Amano

RIP Takashi Amano of ADA (Aqua Design Amano). A man who has single handedly changed aquarium aquascaping, design and culture forever. I feel that the word “inspired” doesn’t even come close to how this master designer has...
by Justin Fox


Jay Alvarrez – Girl of my dreams

Envy the life of Jay Alvarrez, 22-year-old male model and social media star who’s dating super hottie Alexis Ren. All set to the sounds of RUFUS too (extra bonus points in our book!). For more, visit: www.JayAlvarrez.tumb...
by Zen Garage