Alex was busy taking shots of all that was going on today, but I managed to grab a couple of snaps in amongst all the action and great catch-ups with friends I've not seen in a while (one of the greatest things about WTAC for me!). Can't wait for ... Read More.

DCA – King Of The Hill

Luke Fink's Drift Challenge Australia has done it! The first official drift event held on public roads (in the beautiful town of Mt Gambier, South Australia). Friends of ZEN; Gripshiftslide were there to cover the event and God damn Photographer G... Read More.

Fallout 4

I've not so secretly been pretty excited about the re-release of DOOM. Bethesda, developers of the game sent me a copy for PC which I'll be playing soon (once I... Read More.

HOODS Melbourne

I'm sure many of us can attest to the notion of cars being art, but rarely is that idea so succinctly illustrated like it was at the HOODS Melbourne exhibition. 'HOODS Melbourne' was Fuel Magazine's latest art project hosted by SUUS Motowear in Co... Read More.