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Stay Driven Video

I've been a little MIA on Zen over the past couple of months as I've been flat out with my own projects at Stay Driven. Things have been hectic, but in a good way! I recently went on an incredible road trip out to Oberon, which is just past the Blue ... Read More.


Back at it again! End of Month Meet never fails to disappoint. If you see me running around with a light like a crazy person, these are the reasons why. Enjoy! :) For more > Instagram: shibbi_babi Here is last month’s EoMM May ... Read More.

Cordy’s R32 x Toyo Tyres

I'm not a huge fan of photos of girls with cars. Love some of the retro stuff (and all of the Pirelli Calendars!), but bad taste workshop girly calendars have ruined it for me. Always up for a challenge though! Our shop manager Cordy asked me to s... Read More.