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I’m just gonna hurt ya. Really, really bad.

We’ve got our first look at Jared Leto’s Joker and he looks intense!! Warner Bros screened a first look at Suicide Squad for fans a San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend. It was intended to be an exclusive look for a...
by Dane Kirkland


Fuck That: The Best Meditation Guide Ever

Ha! This has got to be the best mediation guide we’ve watched yet (not that we’ve watched many?!).
by Zen Garage



Truganina Cars & Coffee, July 2015

Saturday, I woke to my alarm on a more-than-brisk Melbourne morning after a solid week of 4pm-midnight shifts. In the midst of what the news was calling an “arctic cold front”, and an embarrassingly wounded car ...
by Alex Affat


Real Sets. Less CG. Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

Fans at San Diego Comic-Con were treated to this very special look behind the scenes of Star Wars:The Force Awakens. Real sets, scale models, less CG… we’re so happy about this!!! It’s going to be so real, so ...
by Zen Garage



Photoshoot: Zen Garage x 83

Here are the shots from our first collab with 83. We got to meet and hang out with part of the 83 Crew last Sunday. We tried to find out more about just exactly what 83 is, but just like Zen, its hard to explain in just a sente...
by Zen Garage


LS3 Powered NB MX5

Would you take a mint condition Mazdaspeed MX5, arguably the most sought after of the NB line-up, and immediately remove the factory turbo engine and driveline? This guy did, and replaced it with an LS3 v8 crate engine from Sum...
by Anthony Crivelli



Toyo R1R’s for the Zen R32 Golf

Today I had a booking at Spinning Wheel Tyres to get a fresh set of Toyo R1R tyres fitted to the Golf. I only recently fitted a set of Bridgestone RE003’s, which have been absolutely awesome in the dry and wet, but I̵...
by Justin Fox


Shane Konzen’s Chaser x Jeri Lee

Here’s an image dump of Shane’s awesome widebody Chaser with OG Import Model Jeri Lee from the US. Before you ask, he’s running an Origin kit and Work Wheels CR2P StanceNation Edition in 19×10 -20 up fron...
by Zen Garage



The Art of Paul Jackson

We love artwork that makes you stop scrolling for a second and say “WOW” out loud. Check out the amazing work of Paul Jackson, an Artist based in Toronto, Canada. Skeletons jumping out of their bodies, weird glitche...
by Zen Garage


A Day in the Life of Zen Racer Adam BLITZ Burgess

We’d like to wish Zen Racer Adam BLITZ SPEED Burgess a happy birthday today! Enjoy this ‘day in the life’ video from his last MRA round at Wakefield a few weeks back! Mazzy cake takes the cake!!!
by Zen Garage


_DSC84572_1920x1080 (7)

Nismo R34 GT-R Z-Tune

As car lovers and car enthusiasts, we all have our favorite cars from some of the best manufacturers across the world. The legends and Icons of the past and the present. Ferrari, Porsche, Honda, Lamborghini, Pagani, McLaren, Su...
by Antonio Logan


Opinion – Should Skateboarding be an Olympic Sport?

This is a little different but I thought I would write about it none the less, I’m also very curious as to what everyone thinks about it. Skateboarding is very important to me. We talk a lot about “finding our Zen&#...
by Lewis Vaughan