Watch Dogs 2

Oh noes, not fist pumps! The cut scenes are a bit cheesey, but the characters are relevant and likeable enough. Watch Dogs 2 is a game about hacking, it's g... Read More.

Ghost in the Shell

OMFG THIS LOOKS AMAZING. We're probably always going to love the original anime way more (there would be no MATRIX if there wasn't Ghost in the Shell!), but it looks like they've really lovingly re-created some of the original scenes. Love the whole ... Read More.


Yup. SEMA is awesome! It's HUGE, and there's so much to see, even more to miss if you don't take your time. Good thing then that I have a few days left to go! I've been in absolute awe at how many cars on show are on Toyo tyres. It's mind boggling... Read More.