My thoughts on Gary Vee

Gary Vaynerchuk (it’s no wonder they call him Gary Vee) is an entrepreneurial/motivational speaker type which many have suggested I check out. I tend to smell what I like and don’t like quicker than most, my physical gut is weak from IBS but my “... Read More.

Anthem Downgrade

One of, if not the biggest reveals at E3 2017 was Anthem. Watch the gameplay reveal in the video above, ignore the fact that the game is being made by EA Games/Bioware, ignore the cheesy dialogue, look at that lush world. Quite impressive, right?... Read More.

Is Writing an Art?

Writing as Art. Is it a thing? I had to google it. I enjoyed creative writing in high school, and throughout high school I kept a hand written diary which I ... Read More.

Quetiapine update – 40 Days

I’ve been on 3 tablets of Quetiapine per day for the past 40 days now (25mg/tablet 75mg all up). Quetiapine takes effect on me fast, about 30 minutes from dunking them. Since I’m no longer napping during the day I’m already quite sleepy by midnight, ... Read More.

From Wake & Bake to Woke

I recently watched a Joe Rogan podcast on weed. He had 2 guests on the show; a guy who’s just published an anti-marijuana book (Alex) and a Doctor who uses weed on his patients (Dr. Hart). Joe Rogan Experience #1246 — Pot Debate — Alex Berenson & ... Read More.