2018-04-06 - Vic Time Attack 043

Veni Vidi Vic Time Attack

 My very first time to the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit was to catch Vic Time Attack 2018; its third year running. Jase & Rache Dorrington have garnered a great team behind them to run an amazing event, with the blessing/backing of Supe... Read More.

Anthem Downgrade

One of, if not the biggest reveals at E3 2017 was Anthem. Watch the gameplay reveal in the video above, ignore the fact that the game is being made by EA Ga... Read More.

Is Writing an Art?

Writing as Art. Is it a thing? I had to google it. I enjoyed creative writing in high school, and throughout high school I kept a hand written diary which I ... Read More.

1–2hrs of Gaming/Day is Plenty

I watched a fair few 'gaming addiction' related documentaries on Youtube last year. There are a couple of really good ones BTW, especially loved this one by SBS Dateline where young Korean boys are sent off to rehab to cure their addiction. How mu... Read More.

R&D is Everything

We say it every time people promote knock off wheels; R&D is Everything. Such a good video to show the work put into good design. Fuck knock off products! Think of the designers! The 2020 Porsche 911 (992) - The Design Development of a stunning Sport... Read More.