Antidepressants – an update

Just an update on my journey with antidepressants (if you missed the first feature, you can check it out here: Antidepressants). A LOT has happened since my last update. Yesterday I caught up with my psychiatrist Dr Hyde (it was his first day back... Read More.
2018-12-15 - HIN 480

Hot Import Nights 2018

With one show in Sydney under their belt, the team from Hot Import Nights Australia backed it up with an even bigger event, moving from halls 5 & 6 over to The Dome. Headline sponsors Hi-Tec Oils were front and centre with Beau Yates' champion... Read More.


These are the meds I'm on. When I first caught up with my GP he told me that since I had been feeling the way I've been feeling for over 6 months, medication was the only way for me to get better. I was of the mindset that I wouldn't ever need antide... Read More.