100MM Day 1 – The Drive

The drive is always the best part, unfortunately this time around we had to drive both our Air Suspension V35/G35 and Widebody HSV Maloo separately. I decided to leave early, 4am to beat the first 300 or so km’s before the sun even comes up. We pu... Read More.

Sushi Tengoku

Sushi Tengoku is a tiny little Japanese restaurant in Kensington famous for their overly generous sushi servings. Whilst it may be considered taboo to play arou... Read More.

Finding Zen on Mount Panorama

Finally popped my Bathurst Cherry. I've seen Bathurst on TV every year for so many years, and raced in on racing games too, but to see it in real life... I was emotional! PS: Falling asleep on top of the mountain under the shade of the Zen Stand, ... Read More.