NSX Australia

Everyone who knows him knows that the Honda NSX is Sydney based Photographer Felix Alim's dream car. Earlier this year, he was teamed up with the Honda Sports Car Club and joined them on an event simply titled "NSX Australia" which started when a ... Read More.

Newfound Love

So, three weeks have passed, needless to say I've had a few problems! But hey, most cars that have been sitting for months will have and issue or two. I've just ticked over 6000km's and I'm 110% falling in love with this car. It's not trying to be an... Read More.

Visual Response 15 – 4 days to go!

To celebrate 15 years of Australian Infront (a site I founded in 1999) we decided that we would kick off the party a bit early (like any teenager would) and get you guys in the spirit of next years official celebrations by theming this Visual Respons... Read More.