Directed by one of our fave modern directors Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight trilogy, Inception, The Prestige and Memento) comes Interstellar, a science fiction film which sees a team of explorers and scientists embarking on a voyage through a new... Read More.

ZEN302 2015 Widebody Mustang

We can't wait till we get out hands on the 2015 Mustang. Introducing the Zen Garage Design "ZEN302". Specs: 70mm Widebody 20x11.5" on all fours Weight Reduction (Rear Seats, CF Fenders, CF Bonnet & Boot) Adjustable Suspension Arms TBA Track ... Read More.

Road Bike Party 2

We loved his first video, now Martyn Ashton is back with Chris Akrigg and Danny MacAskill going even harder than ever before, doing whack shit that just shouldn... Read More.

Vessel Carbon Fibre Bath Tub

Object of Desire. Struck by the synergy between the shapes of two compelling symbols of relaxation, a hammock and a bath tub, UK design company Splinter Works were inspired to develop a piece that would provide the ultimate vehicle for total escapism... Read More.

Visual Response #07

Aus Infront's Visual Response #07 exhibition went down last night at The Tate in Glebe where we revealed the top 10 winning entries to the theme "15" which celebrates 15 years of Australian Infront (which I founded way back in 1999!). All 147 ent... Read More.