Tuning the Zoomer

When I bought the Honda Zoomer off my mate Paul many years ago, it never started nice (took a lot of work to get it going). After I was done modifying it to where it's at today it started up even worse. I've always been meaning to take it down to the... Read More.


Indo Pride. If you like your movies bloody, THE RAID 2 will be sure to satisfy! Enjoy the official trailer below, we can't wait to watch this one on the big scr... Read More.

Pins; The Artist

Sydney based Producer/Director/Photographer/Videographer & Writer Lester Jones from www.idigyoursoleman.com is in Europe at the moment and he's caught up with sneaker loving artist Pins who talks through his latest solo exhibition. Dubbed the new... Read More.

RIP Sean Edwards

We heard about Sean Edwards, who was killed in a car crash at Queensland raceway on October last year, but we hadn't seen his driving which is what we're sure h... Read More.

2014 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Car Shakedown

Last week Porsche Cars Australia conducted a four-day training and hand-over event at Sydney Motorsport Park to train teams on servicing and repairing the new car along with the new-to-Carrera Cup Cosworth data system. The teams then spent the final ... Read More.