Car Maniacs : Life With Le Mans’

Le Mans cars on the street? Luke Huxham has done it again! We've been waiting for this for ages and we'll be gathering and cranking it on our big screen later tonight for that out of body experience. Car Maniacs : Life With Le Mans' is Maiham Media's... Read More.

Shin Yoshikawa

Meet Shin Yoshikawa. Acclaimed Artist, Author, Designer, Engineer, Restoration Specialist, Concert Pianist, and the world's foremost expert on the Toyota 2000GT, considered by many as one of Japan's finest automobile masterpieces. Obscura Magazine tr... Read More.

Full Scale LEGO Car

We love LEGO at Zen. Melbourne-based entrepreneur Steve Sammartino and 20-year-old Romanian genius Raul Oaida have built this amazing air-powered LEGO hot-rod that's made of more than half a million bricks, the engine itself consists of four motors a... Read More.