American Muscle Built to Handle

Another great video by Petrolicious. Bob Gough grew up idolising European sports cars and looked down on American muscle, that was until he discovered the 1967 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S which was upgraded in-house by Plymouth with suspension and b... Read More.


Shotkit is a new web site which features work from photographers from around the world, but specifically what camera gear they use to take their pictures. Th... Read More.

Halfway Hangs

When our good friends from Streetkarnage in Queensland told us they were organising an event, we got a bit excited for a few pretty simple reasons: 1) These ... Read More.

80’s Paino Road Bike Restoration

I picked up this gorgeous 80's road bike for $475 on eBay quite a few years ago with the intention of riding it in the Sydney to Wollongong fundraiser (which I did!). Of-course I couldn't help but fiddle with it, but instead of modifying I ended u... Read More.

Eye Symmetry

We have a thing for finding and meeting people who do what they love. EYE SYMMETRY surfboard design and fabrication in Brookvale was founded last year by young ... Read More.

Marque Restaurant

All class, but massive value for money and the perfect place to take a lady friend. We hit Marque Restaurant in Surry Hills Sydney. They have a $45/person menu on Fridays which allows the chefs to experiment with new dishes, so we gave that a go. ... Read More.