TRUBEL on the SMSP GP Circuit

We caught Zen Racer Trent Grubel, AKA TRUBEL, on Monday at the Motive DVD x Skylines Australia Trackday doing some testing of new engine setup in the 86 ahead of the Townsville race in a few weeks. There was plenty of fog in the morning for ... Read More.


I was in Tokyo in the 90's and saw a construction site plastered in OBEY posters. Not knowing what it was, except that it look fucking cool, I took a shot. Year... Read More.

The Surge – Game Review

2 games were released on my B'Day this year (May 16th). "Injustice 2", one very polished Mortal Kombat style beat’em up featuring Superheroes and another called “The Surge”, a hardcore RPG with Dark Souls like gameplay in a sci-fi setting. I had to b... Read More.

Prey 2017 Game Review – PC & PS4

East Sleep Prey. That's pretty much all I've been doing since getting a copy of Prey for the PS4 a day before release late last week. I finished my first playthrough in just under 17hrs, that's with sticking to the main story and only doing a few sid... Read More.