Prijay’s Virgin S14

Most of us have searched online for hours on end trying to find our next dream car hoping it's relatively untouched. Especially for 20+ year old Nissans this is a rare occurrence and one you would definitely want to jump on as soon as possible. Lucki... Read More.

Nugget Nationals Dyno Day 2016

This past weekend, the Nugget Nationals held their dyno day for the year at Weltmeister in the far Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. In a racing league based around unmodified hatchbacks, it's not the first thing to come to mind in terms of a conventiona... Read More.
Photo: James Lazzaroni

Understanding The Obsession

Last night, I lost a friend. I’d known them for just over 6 years, we’d been through a lot - laughs, tears, joy, anger, thrilling highs and crippling lows. I’d showered them in gifts, the only thing I ever got in return was a smile on my face ... Read More.