2017-10-12 - WTAC 2017 Test Day 011

Yokohama WTAC – Practice Day

Plenty of the Time Attack cars were out today for some shakedowns before racing tomorrow.  Whilst most came away unscathed, there were a few which were stirred, and unfortunately a couple that became unstuck, ending their WTAC campaign for this year.... Read More.

So I made a life choice yesterday

#lessismore - Gross right? But hey it is a part of me! I cracked a tooth on my (not so) recent trip to Japan and I've been meaning to see a dentist since, but I've also been meaning to design more stuff for ZEN Garage, and logo design work for mat... Read More.

Raijin Fujin – Shop Update

I dropped in to Kensington, to see how the Raijin Fujin guys were going with their new toy shop and man it's come a long way since I last swung by! They've got these awesome huge display cabinets in there loaded with just as huge sculptures. The shop... Read More.